Pros and Cons of Different Types of Breast Implants

Pros And Cons Of Different Types of Breast Implants

If you are one who is not happy with your breast and are planning to get your breast augmentation surgery done, then it is possible that many thought processes must be going on in your mind. Hence, I have come to your rescue with all the knowledge that I have acquired, through reading books or online, I have drafted this small blog for your help, so go ahead and go through this and in case of any further queries you can comment below, we are more than delighted to help our valuable readers:

Mammary Crease

This can be found below the breast, in the fold or crease, the place where the breast meets the chest. If a mammary crease is made, a breast implant can be fitted above or below the intimate muscle. Surgeons advise women for getting  mammary fold to give a cut because since it is placed close  to breast it allows doctors  for controlling bleeding in a much better way  ( in case of any) during the surgery)

In case you plan of changing the size of implants in the future, the mammary cut will not be reused, and a different one will have to be made. It also proves damaging to milk ducts.  Hence not suitable for younger mom’s who wish to breastfeed their babies.


This is gaining fame by women who want smaller implants. Since the armpit has a natural fold or crease, it makes it easy for surgeons to make the cut, make a medium to the breast area, and then proceed for the implant. Many women also prefer this to other surgeries, because there is no touching of breasts and since no touching is involved, there is no scar. But, a transmural or transaxillary cannot be reused, so in case of any second breast augmentation is needed in future, a new incision will have to take place.

Tuba Breast Augmentation

A transumbilical incision (TUBA) is a very popular incision implant and is done by giving insertions via navel which goes to breast, after which they are puffed up. This is preferred by patients because the scar which is there is not seen, since it is under the abdomen, but many surgeons advise against doing this because it has to be worked much away from breasts, which makes it difficult to get natural results.

Is Massaging After Breast Augmentation a Wise Choice?

Is Massaging After Breast Augmentation a Wise Choice

The aftermath of a breast augmentation process should be one that feels comfortable and refreshed. An escalation should not by any chance feel hard, knotty and neither should it feel like it has been shifted from its place. But, sadly there are many times when a scar tissue takes place near the pocket, or seal, which has the breast implant all held up. In case this happens, the embed can be hard, which is known as capsular contracture.

Capsular Contracture can be divided into the following:

1. The breast seems to be very soft and looks to be normal, the capsule is also flexible.

2. Breast might look normal, but is hard when touched.

3. The breast is hard, has some curve or the implant may be tilted.

4. The breast is all the more hard.

The surgery depends upon the condition of your pain and discomfort. For patients having # 1and # 2 issues, breast massage might help. This means gently moving the implants around breasts in a circular manner. This can help the capsule in getting bigger, thus giving more space to implant.

For patients suffering from # 3 and #4, breast augmentation surgery is the only solution. In the capsulotomy process, scar tissue is taken out, which leave more space for the capsule. Capsulectomy requires taking out the whole capsule along with implants.

Is Massaging Right or Wrong?

The insusceptible system in our body, post breast augmentation surgery reacts to foreign material present in the chest. The body is then constructed a “capsule” near both breast implants. The capsule is construed out of interlinked collagen fibers.Many times the so-called capsule becomes very stretched over time.

While this occurs, the collagen ‘fabric’ near the implant reduces in size because of accumulation in fibers. The tightening further pinch the implant, which makes it feel hard and also creates a ‘do not touch’ situation.

To prevent this from occurring, your surgeon is very likely to advise you to do a massage of the breasts, especially during the first few months after surgery.

Massage helps a great deal in preventing the capsule from getting hard.


Hence we saw that people are going after doing Mammaplasty, or augmentation surgery, in order to have a bigger size of breasts or change the shape or the texture of the same. The surgery suits someone while too many others it causes a disaster.

When Is It Normal To Worry About Breast Lumps?

When Is It Normal To Worry About Breast Lumps

It is obvious to get afraid when our hand gets freeze while conducting the monthly breast self-exam mostly under the shower and we found a lump as we had many odds in our mind about Skin Tumors.

If you have a lump in your breast then there is nothing to get panic about it as more than 50% of breast lumps are just benign means do not sign of breast cancer. Especially if the female is younger than 40 years then the chances of having noncancerous lumps are more, even in the later age it is not obvious that lump is cancer.

Now the biggest question about the breast lumps, is that how we can know that they are cancer or benign? Let us discuss all facts about breast lumps in detail

How To Differentiate Cancer And Benign Breast Lumps?

Breasts are made up of fat, nerves and the blood vessels along with the fibrous connective tissue, glandular tissue and intricate milk producing a system of lobules and ducts. This entire anatomy of the female breast in and of itself creates a lumpy and uneven terrain due to which females get perfect shape of the breast.

When you observe any other lump in your breast then definitely it would be different from this background of normal irregularities means from the lumpy shape of the breast.  If the breast is having a lump that is benign then it can be soft, fluid-filled and rolling lumps like the grape and it can be of pea size and even sometimes smaller than a pea. The larger size of benign lumps is very rare.

Opposite to that size of the breast cancer lumps can be different in different patients depending on the stage of cancer. It is the biggest difference between the benign and cancer lumps. Even the cancer lumps cannot move like the benign lumps as are rooted in your breasts.

Sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate between the benign and cancer lumps on the basis of their movement then only the experience, knowledge and skill of the doctor along with the reports of special medical tests like mammogram, ultrasound, and fine needle aspiration can clear your doubts about these breast lumps.

Another factor for differentiating the benign and cancer lumps is the pain as the most of cancer lumps come with pain but the benign lumps do not. However in this case also there can be some exceptions.

All in all, if you found any breast lump then go for a professional checkup and choose accordingly Skin Tumors Treatment if you are having the cancer lump in your breast.