Acne Scar Correction

Acne Scar Correction

Face scar revision surgery is a procedure capable of minimizing facial scar appearance that occurred due to acne or other skin diseases. This procedure not only focuses on decreasing the scar appearance but also prevents them from emerging again.

The process of scar laser resurfacing comprises of multiple laser treatment sessions that furthermore includes Carbon Dioxide laser (CO2 Laser) skin resurfacing. The laser keeps exposing the new layer of skin from the scar until it starts to fade away as it heals. This procedure is the gold standard of scar therapy. Scar removal procedure involves inside out approach which promises better results.


As the patient starts to heal, he/she must keep in mind that no scar can be completely removed but can be faded to some extent, the aspects like your skin condition, type of scar and its placement plays a vital role in this procedure. Also if proper care of wound is taken, it helps a lot in achieving better results.

Book your consultation today and feel to know how we can help you in your case. Please do not forget to tell us about any previous surgeries if you have gone through, this whole information plays a crucial role in determining best appropriate scar treatment procedure for you.

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