Which myths are spread about the breast augmentation surgical procedure?

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Which myths are spread about the breast augmentation surgical procedure?

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    Some people believe in ridiculous myths related to the breast augmentation procedure. So in today’s blog, we shall be discussing all those myths which are making some people think twice before taking up the surgical procedure.

    • Myth 1: You can’t breastfeed

    If the surgery is not performed by a skilled and qualified doctor, then there are chances that the women may produce a little milk for breastfeeding. But if you choose the reputed clinic to undergo the surgery, then you need not to worry about such things.

    • Myth 2: Standard cup or implant size

    There is no such thing as the standard cup size. The breast size of each female is different and so the size of the implant will also be different. There is no such thing as the standard cup size. This is the predominant reason why the same size bras of different brands fit differently.

    • Myth 3: The bigger, the better

    We have come across many patients who assume that the breasts can be lifted only with the help of larger implants. But this is a myth. The individuals should be acquainted with the fact that no doubt the larger implants will make the top of the breasts plumpy but after some time, the skin will get stretched and the breasts will be larger but lower. They will give an unpleasant look and you may become a centre of mocking.

    • Myth 4: Surgery can be performed under general anaesthesia only

    Usually, the patients are given local anaesthesia before performing the surgery. It will ensure that the patient feels more comfortable after the procedure. The local anaesthesia is accountable for making the patient come to his senses early as compared to the general anesthesia.

    • Myth 5: You will not feel the sensations

    According to scientific research, the nerves which are responsible for causing the sensations in the nipple or the areola run along the ribs. So being that the reason, the breasts may never get out of sensation.

    • Myth 6: Breasts implant do not change with age

    No doubt, the breasts implants help to beat you with age-related changes. But this does not mean that these implants will remain the same for 40 to 50 years. Everything deteriorates with time and its effects fade off. The same is the case with breast implants. You will need to change the implants after every 10 years.

    • Myth 7: Fat grafting is better than breast augmentation

    Fat grafting can be used in association with the breast augmentation procedure. But they alone cannot establish any sort of positive effect. Fat grafting may no doubt make your breasts plumpy, but the required contouring and shaping can only be done if the breast augmentation procedure is taken into account.

    Bottom Line

    So many myths keep on getting spread about breast augmentation surgery. Before believing in any of them, make sure you are doing thorough research. It will help you to know what is fact and what is fiction. If you still do not get the answer to your doubts and queries, then you can email us. Our backend team will surely get in touch with you.

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