Canthoplasty is a surgical procedure which involves tightening of muscles and ligaments that are responsible to support outer corner of the eyelid. Surgeons perform this procedure to change the shape of an eye. The treatment is capable of changing the appearance of eye by eliminating the drooping defect from upper eye lid, via creating an upward slant in the outer corner of the eye. People who desire to have cat eyes, prefer to go through this procedure. Also on the other hand, people suffering from drooping eyes, paralysis and ageing eye defects can also be greatly benefited from the oriental to Indian looks.

However swelling as well as bruising are the common side effects and also fades away within 5 to 6 day. After the procedure, patient may also face change in vision but this change is for temporary basis and the eye sight will return to its normal state soon enough.

There are numerous procedures that are categorized in canthoplasty and the surgeon determines the best one as per the specific case. But the main goal remains the same which is to divide the lower canthal tendon so that it could be re-positioned and tightened. The procedure starts with an incision at the corner of the eye lid to approach the tendon. A special care is given to the incision making in order to minimize the appearance of scarring as much as possible.

The time and type will vary from patient to patient. If the amount of sagging is high then the complexity increases so does time and vice versa. In most of the cases the surgery takes approximately two hours to complete.

Post Surgery

Post surgery it is advisable to protect the eyes with sunglasses whenever going outside just to minimize the strain as possible for few weeks. Also reading books, watching television must be avoided to let the treated area mature, apart from that, instead of wearing contact lenses prefer to wear spectacles.

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