Earlobe Repair

Earlobe Repair

The earlobes are the most delicate part of the ear also known as Appendages. In many cultures earlobes serve as a popular location for wearing jewellery. Many times earlobes are pierced to fit different kinds of ornaments.

The excessive amount of jewellery weight or big round shaped studs wore for number of years can easily damage the gentle tissues and disturb its natural shape. In some cases, accidental tearing of the earlobe makes it impossible to wear any ornament, simultaneously, making it hideous in appearance. Fortunately, we offer safe solution to any sort of damage done to the earlobe. The procedure is known as Earlobe Repair. This delicate soft tissue repairing surgery is routinely performed at our centres.

Prior to the treatment:

The whole procedure will take place under the local anaesthesia and the surgery usually takes 1 hour. Make sure you tell about any medical condition you are suffering from to the surgeon before the treatment.

The procedure:

The procedure starts with rejuvenating the soft tissues of the torn or damaged earlobe. This could involve removing small parts of the damaged skin.

In the second phase, the surgeon alters the earlobe and closes the wound with fine stitches while making the shape round as natural as possible.

Post treatment:

After the treatment you can leave for your home shortly but you will have to take care of the bandage covering the treated ear and inform the doctor if any kind of infection occurs.

Yes, you can pierce your ear again but for that you will have to wait for at-least 30 days, as this much time is necessary for the ear lobe to heal perfectly.

Book your consultancy today and we will suggest the best way possible to reconstruct your ear. Regain that confidence again.

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