Surgical Scar Treatment

Surgical Scar Treatment

Whenever the skin recovers from an injury, generally, the matured wound leaves a scar behind. Whether the injury occurred because of an accident, surgery, acne or burn, if multiple skin layers have been damaged then the spot remains there, but it can be treated and made barely visible via scar surgery treatment.

Different kinds of scars demand specific treatment to diminish. To name a few

Keloid Scars

This kind of scar appears after the skin fully heals and it appears due to collagen overproduction. These scars proceed out of the wound area.

Hypertrophic Scars

These scars sometimes restrict the movement of muscles and tendons because of their thick & raised texture. These scars stay inside the boundaries of the wound unlike keloid scars.

Facial Scars

These are most hated scars because they are open to the viewer and sometime they even affect facial expressions.

Besides surgical treatment, laser is the most innovative approach known in the medical science to eliminate scar surface irregularities and leaving smooth skin post treatment. In this procedure, a high density laser beam is directed into the skin tissue which is to be treated. The type of laser that will be used gets determined by the doctor, who will consider each & every aspect of your case before making the decision.

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