For how long does the breast implants last? Why are they removed or replaced?

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For how long does the breast implants last? Why are they removed or replaced?

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    When you are bothered by the taunts and mockings for the small breasts. It is a procedure that can help you to boost your self-confidence. After undertaking the breast implant procedure, you are sure to flaunt those sexy dresses which are waiting for you for a long time.

    Have realistic expectations

    Breast implants are not a permanent solution for small breasts. But this is surely the long term solution since you can enjoy the augmented breasts for a

    period of 10 years.

    How would the plastic surgeon help you to maintain the implants for a longer period?

    The plastic surgeon will guide you about some ways in which you can enjoy augmented breasts for many years. There are no such hard and fast precautions which you need to take care of. The doctor will also tell you when you should visit him for the follow-up sessions. These sessions are important as the doctor can detect any deterioration on abnormality in these implants.

    Everything which you should know about the lifespan of the breast implants:

    As discussed, breast implants are a long term solution for small breasts. As far as the long-lasting nature is concerned, the following important points are to be taken care of:

    Can last more than a decade:

    The technique and the material with which the implants are made are so effective and of high quality respectively, then the implants may serve you for more than a decade.

    Astonishing fact

    Usually, the patients are made to believe in realistic expectations. But there are some cases which we have experienced in which breast implants have been known to last for more than 20 years.

    So to conclude this point, we can say, the total duration for which the implants will last is quintessentially dependent on the type of the implants and how well you are taking care of them.


    Some conditions may arise in which you have to get the breast implants replaced or even removed. So in the below-mentioned information, we are going to discuss the reasons for which you may need to replace 

    Reasons for breast implant removal or replacement

    • Breast Hardening

    When the scar tissue present in the implants gets hardened, then the breasts may get hardened. Then this hardness may become difficult for you to endure. There are hundred percent chances that each of the following things can be encountered in that condition :

    • Change in the size of the breasts
    • Change in the shape of the breasts
    • Extremely tender breasts
    • Saline Implant Rupture

    breast implant

    If the saline implants are taken into account for the augmentation of the breasts, then owing to some conditions, the saline implant may get ruptured. The ruptured saline implant can be harmlessly absorbed after getting leaked. But the size and the shape of the breasts gets spoiled and these may give an unsymmetrical look. So in those cases, the implants are to be removed.

    • Silicone Rupture

    The silicone implant is made up of silicone gel. When this happens, the gel may leak out of the implant. You can physically examine whether the implants are ruptured or not by merely having a glance at your breasts. There you will see the uneven and asymmetrical look.

    • Rippling

    If the implants have continuously contributed to making you suffer from wrinkles and ripples, then the doctor may decide to replace or remove the implants.

    • The displacement

    Breast implants may not help you to get sexy and youthful breasts. But these are not god sent as they cannot fight with the natural ageing process. With age the breast begins to sag, The changes in the weight of the breasts may contribute to displacing the implant. The misplaced implants will look uneven. So head to your doctor to get it either replaced or removed.

    • It’s your call

    Sometimes the women for no reason want to remove these implants. So in those cases, owing to some reason she may decide to replace or remove the implants.

    Bottom Line

    Once you have undergone the barest implant procedure, you have to follow some basic instructions like wearing a surgical bara throughout the recovery period. Not doing any kind of vigorous or strenuous activity for a few days.

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