I was Suffering from very large breast and I could not wear proper size bra. Since I am a paramedic and I have to do long hour duties in high volume hospital as registered nurse. This problem gave me pain in the shoulders and aged looks. My daughter suggested me to go for reduction mammoplasty. I met Dr. Vikas Gupta on April 1, 2011. He elaborated the procedure, precautions, risks and outcome in single meeting. Me and my husband decided to get this surgery done from Dr. Vikas Gupta. It went very well and I am more than happy now in my family life. We are thankful to the team of Dr. Vikas Gupta for this wonderful job. Anyone who is looking for Breast Surgery should consult Dr. Vikas Gupta at Profile Cosmetic Clinic. I am fully satisfied with the result.

Breast Reduction, Karamjit Kaur, Age: 45, Disst. Bathinda

At the age of 34, I had ugly looking breasts of late 40s I always felt to do something for that. I consulted Dr. Vikas Gupta, He gave me patient and fully private consultation. I discussed my single status and likely to get married. He assured me that there will not be any problem in conjugal life after this Breast Lift. My second life partner has no problem in fact he appreciates new found breast shape. We as a couple are happy and grateful to Profile Cosmetic Clinic for this fantastic job. Anyone who wants Breast Lift/ Tightening should get it done from Dr. Vikas Gupta. After all it is question of looks as well as safety.

Breast Lift, Rupinderjit Kaur , Age: 34, Ludhiana

I was referred by my boy friend who got Hair Transplant with Dr. Vikas Gupta two years back. Since I stay in Toronto and was worried about cleanliness and hygienicity of clinics in India. I was surprised to visit state of the art clinic and welcoming staff of Dr. Vikas Gupta. He explained the procedure very well and arranged a budget hotel for me since I have no relations in India. So the breast Augmentation procedure was performed by Dr. Vikas Gupta himself and I was released same evening. He made the procedure quite simple. I appreciate the approach and professional environment of team of Dr. Vikas Gupta. Those who come from overseas should definitely take advise of Dr. Vikas Gupta before signing up with any other Clinic in India. It is to be believed that I felt at home and had no problem with procedure and costs in this clinic. Thanks Dr. Vikas Gupta.

Breast Augmentation , Jass Matharoo, Age: 35, Canada

When I visited in India my family members taunted me of putting weight. I was little embarrassed by the comments I got. I along with my husband checked with Plastic Surgeon Dr. Vikas Gupta. He suggested to undergo Tummy Tuck and gave me elaborated presentation along with before and after pictures of his previous clients. It surprised me that their privacy was not breached in any of the pictures he showed to us. I underwent the procedure very confidently I was discharged from hospital same evening. The results are superb and I am fully satisfied. Now my dream of swimming is fulfilled which I was missing after having babies. Thanks Dr. Vikas Gupta.

Tummy Tuck, Renu Chaudhry, Age: 35, Norway

After my two normal deliveries I put on weight and extra skin in my tummy area. I was planning to go for lipoabdomenoplasty/ Tummy Tuck for quite long. I am from medical profession so I wanted to get it done from most experienced and well versed Surgeon of the town. I consulted many doctors who does this procedure and my doctor friends. Majority of them suggested Dr. Vikas Gupta because of his skill and behavior, so I got the surgery done from him. As a doctor I can say he gave due regard to all surgical and professional ethics. I am happy with the results. My professional carrier did not suffer even for few days after I got the surgery done. Thanks Dr. Vikas Gupta.

Dr. Taranjeet Kanda, MD(Pathology), Age: 35, Ludhiana

I am regular visitor to India since my husband is legislator in Punjab. I am figure conscious and Gym savvy, I shortlisted Dr. Vikas Gupta for my Tummy tuck procedure. My elder daughter is psychiatrist in NHS, London. She had long discussions with Dr. Vikas Gupta on mobile and Internet. Finally I underwent the procedure. It was very smooth and I had absolutely no problem during and after the surgery, the healing was good and I regained my lost confidant. Thanks to Dr. Vikas Gupta and his team. I wish him good luck.

Mrs. Kler, Age: 57, London

Dr. Vikas Gupta is my colleague and very renowned plastic surgeon of Ludhiana. I had long discussion regarding liposuction procedure with Dr. Vikas Gupta and I decided to go for liposuction of my tummy. It was single day procedure done on Friday. I took a work break and came back to my work on Monday. It was pain free experience and I lost inches phenomenally. Anyone is welcome to ask any number of queries to me. Thanks Dr. Vikas Gupta.

Liposuction, Dr. Archna Gupta (Gynecologist), Age: 35, Ludhiana

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