A Facelift surgery is a successful approach to treat issues related to aging such as wrinkles, loose skin and sagging. The surgery varies from small touchups including minimum incisions to a sophisticated surgery. A facelift is capable of removing excess skin, improving skin tightness and muscle tone around face & neck area.

What can be Considered Normal

Facelift can treat:

Every year we treat hundreds of patients in our hospital with facelift and everyone of them is very pleased with the result.

What Procedure Involves

To determine the exact facelift technique that is needed to be implemented on the patient, various factors are analyzed such as patient’s anatomy, aesthetic goals, level of face lift and so on. Throughout the whole procedure you will be under the influence of general anaesthesia so not need to be afraid of pain and such issues.

After Care

You are expected to prescribe medicines on time and as per the treatment performed on your face, your surgeon will advise you about when you can continue your day-to-day activities. Follow-up visits are necessary as they enables the doctor to assure everything is healing as expected, apart from that if there is any sign of infection, waste no time and inform us immediately.

Facelift Complications

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