Hair Transplant in Men

Hair Transplant in Men

Hair loss is a common problem that keeps on bothering men and women alike. Especially, men tend to lose hair quite earlier as compared to their female counterparts. On an average, loosing fewer than 100 strands every day is quiet normal; the problem soars if this limit exceeds to an uncontrolled limit. By the age of 50, around 85% men tend to lose their hair. Some may even suffer premature hair loss, right in their twenties. It is indeed hard to regain the natural hair once gone. However, hair transplant technique may well help you appreciably in restoring your hairy appearance.

Best candidates for hair transplant

Several factors altogether decide whether a person should opt for hair transplant:

  • The extent of baldness.
  • Size of donor area.
  • Density of hair in the recipient area.
  • The outcomes of hair analysis test.

All these points are equally effective in deciding the type of hair transplant technique that will suit the person the best.

Steps for Hair Transplant in men

  • Extracting strands from donor area: The plastic surgeons care to extract the grafts with minimumtransection.
  • Transplantation: The extracted grafts are painstakingly placed in the recipient site, after create slits. Factors like the angle and direction of hair placement, and density are important in ensuring natural looks.

Advantages of hair transplant in men

  • You get natural looking hair.
  • Your stint with bald spots would end ultimately.
  • Your donor area will regain hair after extraction, hence remaining a permanent zone.
  • You can get your hair cut and styled as per your wish once they grow to a considerable length.
  • The transplanted hair are strong and set you free from bothering about them while playing, dancing, swimming, etc.

Why Chose Profile Clinic?

You would prefer us to others when it comes to hair transplantation owing to multifarious reasons:

  • Our plastic surgeons have years of hair transplant experience.
  • We own sophisticated operating rooms, well equipped with advanced equipment.
  • We have extremely helpful support staff.

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