Dimple Creation Surgery

Dimple Creation Surgery

A natural dimple is result of a defect in cheek muscle known as buccinator muscle. It is hereditary but can be obtained with a minimal surgical procedure. At Profile Cosmetic Surgery Centre, we have experienced surgeons who are dedicated to perfection. Dimple is seen as an aspect of beauty or attraction in many cultures thus we will feel obligated to serve you with this gift.

Dimple Creation Surgery Aftercare

For proper recovery our surgeons always insist on following post surgery care. After dimple surgery, there is always risk from oral cavity, as it could become major source of bacterial infection. Thus, proper mouth care is needed to be maintained. Good mouthwash can come in handy to keep the area clean and fresh all day. Necessary medications will be provided to the patient, which will include antibiotics, pain relief and faster healing tablets. Although some patients may feel mild burning sensation for a day or two which is quite normal.

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