Face Cosmetic Surgery

Face Cosmetic Surgery

Since our establishment, we have been offering world class face cosmetic surgical procedures. With the years of experience, we have understood, what it takes to attain desired results and how to achieve perfection by eliminating natural or accidental defects.

Our doctors will show you a pictorial representation of your current skin condition to fully understand the skin condition. Furthermore, according to that, the best suited treatment will be recommended to treat spots, sun damage, wrinkles, UV spots and pigmentation. This analysis becomes the foundation for recommending right course of surgical as well as non-surgical treatments.

What We Treat

Brow Lift

With the passing age there are some natural flaws that start to appear on face such as loosening of skin elasticity, sagging, eye bags, poor tone, wrinkles around the eyes and jaw line. Brow lift is the procedure for those who wish to rejuvenate a specific area around the eyes. Brow lift is the surgical procedure in which skin is tightened around the eyes and loose skin is removed to give that youthful appearance. This surgery is sometimes performed with eye bag removal surgery.

Eye Bag Removal

Getting older can greatly impact your appearance, in such a manner, that you start to lose confidence. One of the major defects that appear in old ages are sagging of skin around the eyes or in simple words eye bags, which adds more years to your age and always gives you tired eyes. The eye bag removal surgery not only restores youthfulness to your eyes but also brings back that level of confidence you used to have earlier. In this procedure, excess fatty tissues are removed from the upper area and bottom area of the eyes. Sometimes, even the wrinkles around the eyes are also treated along with this procedure giving a smooth skin.

Nose Reshaping

The size and shape of your nose determines the appearance of your face and if your nose is not in proportion with the other facial aspects then it could be a dent in your self confidence. In past decades we have done hundreds of nose reshaping surgeries for patients who were suffering from big nose, small nose or nose bump and so on. Whatever the reason for your uneven nose is, we can rectify in a safe and effective manner.

Chin Implants

The face is the first thing that people see when they meet you and it is, therefore, easy to have your confidence knocked, if you are insecure about a particular feature. If you feel like this because of the size or shape of your chin, then you are not alone. Our chin implant surgery might be the solution. Chin implants are most commonly used to add shape and fullness to a receding chin, or to alter the overall shape of the face, often to balance and proportion. This type of surgery can be combined with a face lift, nose reshaping surgery or any other surgical procedure for the face to achieve a better facial balance and a look that you will feel totally happy with.

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