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Thigh Lift Surgery

Thigh lift surgery reshapes and rejuvenates the thighs by removing excess loose skin as well as fat. The major objective of this procedure is to give thighs a toned & smooth feel.


If sweaty exercises have failed to deliver the desired results then surgical treatment could be the right choice for you.

Surgical Procedure

Just like other surgical procedures thigh lift surgery also starts by giving local or general anaesthesia to the patient depending upon the case.


Incision pattern varies from patient to patient, as every patient comes with specific desires and with completely different medical history. Moreover, degree of correction, as well as, areas to be treated also plays a vital role in determining the best appropriate incision method. In general cases, the most common incision pattern that is involved in the thigh lift surgery is, extending downward and wrapping around the back side of the thigh. Here the area to be treated is Groin. Sagging and loose skin gets tightened and altered, as a result, a well toned thigh that appears youthful.

Incisions are made in the areas that are less visible while wearing swim suits and shorts. After the surgery the incision are closed with small fine sutures.


Soon after the surgery swelling and bruising might start to occur, but these will be controlled with supporting bandages and compression garment. In some cases small tiny tubes might be placed under the skin for one or two days to drain excess fluid out.

Pain killers and other comforting medications will be prescribed to the patients along with the strict instructions that must to be followed post procedure such as care for the treated area, medications to apply, how to avoid infection and follow-up visits.