Chin surgery or Genioplasty

Chin surgery or Genioplasty

Chin surgery or Genioplasty is a surgical procedure, in which corrections of inaccuracies like receding chins, chin excess, accidental chin destruction takes place. The procedure basically includes chin enhancement either with the implant or reduction surgery of the bone.

You might not appear a good candidate for the surgery if you smoke or have recently quit smoking. The reason being, smoking decreases blood flow to the tissues as a result increased healing time, chances of infection is higher, scar may remain depending on the procedure performed.

Prior to Your Surgery

Start by booking a consultation with one of our doctors as the consultation plays a vital role in understanding your expectations, as well as, we will make you understand which procedure will be best suitable and how it will be done. You will be given details about possible risks and long-term befits.

  • Provide your complete medical history including information about any previous surgery, medicines you are taking, and diseases if any.
  • Our surgeons will have your complete medical examination including your face, skin and chin bone.
  • In some cases we do X-ray as well, just to choose best appropriate procedure for you.

Our surgeon will give you specific instructions to prepare you for the surgery. Guidelines will be given to you explaining what kind of food, vitamins, minerals and medications are needed to be taken or must be avoided.

What to Expect From Procedure

You will be sleeping throughout the procedure because of the anaesthesia, thus, no need to be afraid of the pain.

Alteration of the chin will be achieved, either via implants or re-positioning of the chin bone. During the procedure an incision is made inside the lower lip or under the chin to insert the silicone implant or bone re-positioning.

After the procedure

Post procedure, we keep the patient for a day or two and after that he/she can leave for home. Make sure to arrange someone to take you home. Moreover, you will need to take good care of the treated area and take medications as prescribed.

Book your consultation today and accomplish that flawless face you have been dreaming of.

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