Cool-Slim/Sculpting or Cryolipolysis: fat removal without exercise, surgery and dieting

We are one of the best centers in India and known for our cool slim procedure for fat removal. Cryolipolysis is also known as Lipo freeze method for fast and effortless removal of extra fat. We offer standardized treatment at effective cost for which patients need not to compromise quality of treatment. We offer safe, precise and effective treatment with latest and superior machine with Teflon handles.

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What our result oriented rule book says?

Cryolipolysis is the best procedure to get rid from stubborn fat which becomes impossible to remove by exercise and dieting. It is the non invasive method to remove unwanted fat cells by freezing them with lipolysis.
In the procedure fat cells are cooled to break them without affecting surrounding skin tissues. It is the safe procedure of freezing and eliminating the fat cells. After 3-4 months fat content breaks down and person can have slim and natural look. With this cool science methodology, patient can get fat removed from stomach, double chin, back areas, thigh and other such areas.
It is effective and non surgical procedure to remove extra fat but it is not permanent method for fat removal as it can only remove fat cells can not prevent them for storing in future. Patient can remain fit after this procedure if he is taking some exercise or other treatment options along with this method.
There is no recovery period of this procedure and patient can get back to his routine soon after treatment however our experts provide some instructions for remaining aside of potential side effects that happen in rare cases.

What is the Cost of Cryolipolysis?

We provide this effective treatment at reasonable cost that is lowest in India. We provide treatment that fir to your pocket without any compromise for quality of treatment. Average cost of Cryolipolysis or cool slimming method can be Rs 4500 and it can vary depending upon the center’s policy for charging fee for the treatment.

Cryolipolysis instead of liposuction

Medical science has introduced many treatment options for the people who have extra fat but want to look slim. Unlike the cool slimming method other weight loss treatments remove extra body fat by destroying it with heat, laser, and ultra sound or chemical injections. Liposuction is also one method to remove fat with surgical approach. In liposuction fat cells are extracted with minor surgery without damaging the other tissues present in the body.
Cryolipolysis follows quite different approach than liposuction as in this method fat cells are frozen to eliminate from body but not extracted with incision like liposuction. It is non surgical and non invasive method of fat removal.

Origin of Cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis is the advanced and pioneered technique for fat reduction. It is the best option and alternative if you do not want to go for surgical fat removal. It has become the most preferred method for fat removal due to its effective results and no side effects.
In 2008, Dieter Manstein and R.Rox Anderson along with their team noticed that unwanted fat cells situated in the layers of skin and muscles can be eliminated by freezing under controlled conditions. They demonstrate that subcutaneous fat cells are vulnerable to cooling effects under controlled conditions as compared to surrounding tissues so the prolonged cooling of these cells can reduce their number without any damage to surrounding tissues. They named this process as selective Cryolipolysis and it was origin of this cool science technology.

Duration of the procedure

Time taken for the procedure can vary patient to patient as according to area treated and extent of fat this procedure may take longer or less time. However the number of machines used for the procedure can also decide about the duration of treatment but if we talk about the average time then it is procedure of one to two hours only.

What happens during Cryolipolysis?

Before the procedure initial consultation session is conducted in which patient discuss about the area from which he wants to remove fat and his reasons to remove fat from body. Moreover patient need to discuss about his medical history and any allergy or reaction he has. Having clear understanding about the health and medical condition of patient is quite important for the doctor as only then he could give best and safe treatment. Even before and after images of the patients are taken to compare the achieved results after treatment.

During the main process, two cooling panels are applied to the targeted fatty regions to draws the fat upwards. With little pressure doctor can have firm pull of fatty region and even patient does not feel any pain. Fat cells are cooled under the controlled conditions for some time to get them eliminated from body. In the beginning patient may feel some cool sensation in the fatty region but afterwards he could not feel anything and can feel relax and comfortable during the procedure.

As such, there is no recovery time for this procedure. Since it is non-invasive, therefore patients can immediately return back to their normal life, soon after the treatment. Often, some patients give a day or two and gradually get back to normal life. In rare cases, patients have soreness and redness in the treated area; which however heals in a week’s time.

Recovery after Cryolipolysis

It is non invasive procedure so has no recovery period. Patient and get back to their routine immediately without any difficulty. Some patients resume their normal life after one day. Some patient fell soreness or redness in the area treated but soon it gets eliminated.

Potential risks and complications of Cryolipolysis

It is non surgical way of reducing fat so has no side effect associated with it. However some patients feel soreness, bruising, numbness, redness or tingling on the area treated due to drawing up of fat tissues between cooling panels but all these after effects fade away in 2-3 days. It is completely safe procedure to remove fat still our specialists provide some special instructions for after care and prevention.

Who are candidates for Cryolipolysis?

Similar to other cosmetic procedures, for this treatment also patient should have good health and fitness. It is the fat removal technique not weight loss so patient who have tried dieting or exercises for them it is not best alternate because it is not permanent method of fat removal. This procedure can eliminate fat cells but cannot prevent them to get store in future. Even the patient with some medical illness should discuss beforehand for this procedure.

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