Hair Transplant in women

Hair Transplant in women

Men could still go out with a bald head, but could you imagine the same for women? Baring few, hardly any female could dare doing so. Even they couldn’t bear few strands of hair on their towel, comb or pillow. Within no time, they start getting nightmares of getting bald patches if their hair fall problem continues. Usually, women lose hair due to several reasons like change in hormones, medical conditions, side effects of medications, etc. Probably, hair transplant in women could come to their rescue in all such situations.

Steps for hair transplantation in women

The steps of this procedure are more or less the same in women and men.

  • Hair Extraction:The first stage involves extracting hair from the donor area without damaging the skin during the process.
  • Transplantation:The second stage requires the hair to be implanted in the recipient area, which are the baldness spots and show no signs of hair growth.

How hair transplantation in women is different than in men?

  • Women cannot go for body hair transplant in case of insufficient donor site on the scalp.
  • Women have permanent frontal hairline, unlike men who have receding hairline.
  • The donor area among women may vary, while in men the donor zone on the scalp is permanent irrespective of the extent of hair loss.
  • Women often prefer not to shave their head, making transplant process comparably lengthier and cumbersome.


  • You regain your natural looking hair.
  • You can grow it to any desired length.
  • You can style it the way you want.
  • Properly transplanted hair are strong enough to withstand the jolts and jerks while you are dancing, swimming, playing, etc.

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