Fat Transplantation

Fat Transplantation

What is Fat Transfer / Fat Transplant
Fat transplant or fat transfer is a procedure in which the vital balance of fat is restored into the body by rejuvenating certain areas of the body. In this procedure fat is collected from the area of the body that is protruding and is transferred to the desired areas. If you are looking forward to have a subtle volume body shape then fat transplant could be the answer to your question.

Areas Treated for Fat Transfer

  • Face Fat Transfer
  • Breast Fat Transfer
  • Hand Fat Transfer
  • Buttocks Fat Transfer

Advantages of Fat Grafting and Fat Transfers

  • Much more safe and economical than synthetic fillers in the long-term
  • Enhanced skin texture, smooth finish and soft plumpness
  • Rejuvenated skin feels beautiful and 10 years younger
  • Natural-looking results
  • Very less recovery time
  • Only local anaesthesia is necessary

Give us a chance to bring back your youth and give you a body to be proud of. Book your consultancy today.

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