Male Genital

Male Genital

Every surgical procedure that is associated with the male penis and testicles falls under the category of male genital surgery. There are array of procedures incorporated to male genital just to remove natural defects or repair accidental damage to the area. At profile cosmetic clinic we offer several male genital procedures some of them are

Penile Lengthening

This surgical procedure involves increasing the length of non-erect penis and the average gain in the length is 4 cm but it could vary from case to case. The surgery takes place while the patient is under the affect of general anaesthetic.

About ½ of the penis is located inside the body which is attached to the pubic bone via suspensory ligament. This attachment plays a vital role in penis curve and the releasing of this attachment allows the penis to grow bigger via bringing outward. In this whole procedure there is no harm done to the working of penis moreover there is need to implant extra skin on the newly gained length, this can be achieved by making a small horizontal incision in the pubic area furthermore stretching the skin using special instruments.

Penile Girth Enhancement

Penile enhancement surgery involves fat injections or in simple words plastic surgery technique is used in this procedure, which can increase the width of penis. Just as other surgical procedures, this procedure as well takes place under general anaesthesia. The fat usually taken from abdominal area via tiny incision, gets injected into the penile shaft under the foreskin below the head. Two or more incisions might be required as per the case for better results but the stitches are dissolvable and the incisions heal with almost no scar.

Testicular Implants

In this procedure patients who were born without testicles or had to get their removed due to any reason can have new implant with perfect functioning. The implants come in various sizes to match the other one and the surgeon makes the decision of choosing best appropriate for you.

The whole procedure takes 1 hour which happens under general anaesthetic agent, an incision is made on the top of scrotum for treatment to be completed and the scar is barely visible. Post surgical activities will be advised by our surgeon.

To know more about our surgical procedures such as Circumcision & Repair, Scrotal Reduction and so on please visit our clinic or book your appointment today with one of your doctors.

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