Vitiligo is also known as Leucoderma (white patches), the condition is quite common and can be normally seen in various people. This condition occurs due to loss of pigmentation from affected areas of the skin. Fortunately, cosmetic surgeons offer a treatment by restoring pigment with medical treatment.

The most common treatments for vitiligo is light therapy followed by medications. Moreover, now there are modern surgical treatments that are being used to restore pigment and are highly successful.

This surgical treatment can be broken into following procedures

  • Autologous skin grafts
  • Skin grafts using blisters
  • Micro pigmentation (tattooing)
  • Autologous melanocyte transplants

This disease is also found to be related with other diseases such as alopecia, diabetes, typhoid, pernicious anaemia etc. The most discomforting and embarrassing consequences of vitiligo are lack of self confidence, inferiority complex, and other psychological problems.

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