Hymen Reconstruction

Hymen Reconstruction

Women are leaning towards Hymen Reconstruction or Hymenoplasty due to various sentimental and cultural reasons. This is a very safe procedure which involves surgical repair of hymen that covers the opening of vagina with a very small hole in it. As in many places on earth, presence of hymen indicates a mark of virginity thus it becomes mandatory to have this aspect.

Besides sexual intercourse hymen can also be disturbed because of other reasons such as heavy exercise, tampon insertion, horse riding etc these activities leads to torn hymen. Because of these circumstances many women wants to go for hymen reconstruction procedure.

Our caring, as well as skillful staff understands the need of this type of surgery, that is why we believe to keep the patient’s information a hidden secret. We care to offer sensitive yet professional approach to the procedure, there will be female nurses and doctors present in the treatment room to comfort the patient.

After information exchange our doctor will

  • Review your medical history, any medications you are taking
  • Enlighten you with the procedure and any related procedures
  • Provide recommendations based on your realistic needs and goals

The surgery is performed under local anaesthesia and the patient can leave for home same day after the surgery. During the surgery, plastic surgeon will reconstruct the torn hymen edges back together with fine dissolvable sutures. When the surgery is complete, there is no appearing scar as the whole procedure gets performed inside the vagina.

Post Procedure Recovery

Complete healing takes approximately 5 weeks. As stated above you can leave for home same day after the surgery but relaxation and rest is a must.


  • Avoid heavy exercise
  • Do not use tampons
  • Avoid tight underwears

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