Labiaplasty or labioplasty is a surgical procedure widely known for reducing or reshaping labia minora. Labia minora is a skin that covers the female vaginal opening. Due to increased size of labia some women may encounter serious pain during intercourse or while doing exercise, day to day activities and wearing fitting swim suits. The removal of internal labia can enhance sexual experience and self-confidence as well.

Trim Method

Trim method also referred to as a strip method involves reducing the length of labia by removing excess labia skin along with the length from labia minora. The procedure is less likely to cause any complications and produces very promising results, thus, suggested by most of the plastic surgeons.

Wedge Method

The wedge method is quite opposite to the strip method in this procedure surgeon removes wedge-shaped portion of the labium to reduce the size and mass of the labia minora.

The whole procedure takes 2 hours and the patient can go home later on same day after the procedure.

Post Procedure Care

After the procedure patients are given antibiotics and prescribed lubrication to treat swelling and bruising. Patients are also advised to avoid any sexual activities for 4 weeks.

Majority of the patients feel comfort and raised level of self-esteem after the procedure and more likely to wear bathing suits, leggings, or yoga tights which was irritating for them earlier.

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