Chemical Peels / Party Peels

Chemical Peels / Party Peels

Chemical peels can significantly improve the appearance of your skin. In this skin rejuvenating procedure a chemical is applied on the skin which makes it blister and later on takes the skin into peeling state. The new skin that emerges happens to be more radiant, supple and tight.

Fair skin and light haired patients are good candidates for this procedure, also if you have darker skin you can also expect beautiful results depending on the problem being treated.

Problems like eye bags, bulges and high amount of wrinkles cannot be treated with this procedure, for that our cosmetic surgeons will suggest you to go through other cosmetic procedures.

Book your consultation today and we will let you know which treatment would suit you the best. Please do not hesitate to talk about your previous medical history as well because it helps a lot in determining the type of procedure for you. We ensure to keep your personal information confidential.

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