Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal Tightening or Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal tightening is a surgical procedure which is responsible for tightening the vaginal inside muscles, and surrounding tissues enabling the patient to have enhanced tone, strength and control over vaginal muscles, which furthermore increases sexual sensitivity & experience.

With aging process or due to natural delivery of the child a vagina might lose its strength and tone which could become the reason for embarrassment and self lacking for women. The decrease in the vaginal sensation can impact your sexual life at very high level.

So many women take the decision to go through vaginal tightening after having a baby. During natural baby delivery the vaginal muscles expand to its extent and after having several children the vaginal muscles loose their strength as well as sensitivity. This condition cannot be resolved even with a balanced healthy diet or exercise.

If you are suffering from same issue as mentioned above or concerned about loss of vaginal muscle sensitivity or tightness, then this surgical procedure can help you regardless of your age. Many of our patients who have gone through this procedure are very happy with the results and enjoying their sexual life like never before.

The surgeon will trim & remove the excess or loose skin tissues and close the treated area with fine dissolvable stitches. You can expect your vagina to have pre-pregnancy tone back again as the vagina tissues tightens and gives immediate decrease in the area of vagina. Please be advised to have realistic expectations.

After the surgery you will feel soreness and might feel difficulty in walking for first few days. Taking 2-3 weeks off of work is advised for full recovery.

Post-op checkup is necessary to assure every thing is healing perfectly. Apart from that you will be advised when to start any sexual activity.

If you are comfortable with the procedure and ready to take your steps forward book a consultation today with one of our surgeon and she will make you understand details about the procedure.

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