Hair Loss in Men

Hair Loss in Men

In the erstwhile times, baldness in men was confined to old age, however much has changed in the past few decades. Almost anyone is quiet capable of suffering from this misery at present. A thick of reasons account for this problem, such as:

  • Unhealthy lifestyle: Hectic professional life, unnecessary stress, detrimental eating habits, thyroid imbalance, and more.
  • Hair washing: Use of multiple shampoos, conditioners, which are often full of harmful chemicals, for washing hair.
  • Injuries: Mental or physical trauma like acid burns, chemical injuries, etc.
  • Medical treatments: Like radiation or chemotherapy.
  • Health conditions: These may include genetic disorders, infectious diseases, like TB and leprosy, or skin diseases such as DLE, Lichen, etc.

All these factors play their part in forcing you to lose your hair at an early age. If you do not pay attention to them, you may well go bald right in your youth.

Hair loss treatment for men

Its better late than never! The same holds for your hair loss hassles. If you have lost all the hope to restore your lost hair, there is still hope, believe us! At Profile Clinics, we enable you to regain the courage and confidence you had because of your dense hair. Depending on the sensitivity of your hair loss problem, our Plastic Surgeons Perform:

  • Non-surgical methods: If the problem is still under control and the loss of hair is not severe, methods like hair extensions, Minoxidil, etc are among our trialed and tested methods.
  • Hair transplant: If your problem is much beyond control, we help you with FUE or FUT hair techniques, depending on your health, hair condition, and the suggestions of our plastic surgeons.

Walk into our clinic, and regain your natural looking hair without any side effects. We are waiting for you!

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