Hair Loss in Women

Hair Loss in Women

Oh! So much hair today in your comb…
this is a common issue that affects a large proportion of women these days. No matter, you try a lot to prevent it and even visit the doctor; you daily lose a lot of hair. There are many reasons behind it. Most of us spend a lot of time thinking that what is the actual reason of our hair fall and ends up in depression and anxiety.Before going to the specialist or trying new shampoos or hair spa treatments, it is better to know the reasons why you are suffering from excessive hair fall.

Profile Clinic brings into your notice some of the prominent reasons behind this rapidly rising situation right here:

2. Heredity issue

This is really a common factor of hair fall in most of the women. If your ancestors are suffering from hair fall or issues of baldness, you will surely have the same problem. No matter how long you are being gone through the treatment or you are trying medicines, you will never get out of it.


This is a hormonal condition when male hormones secretion increases in your body, which triggers the growth of hair in other parts of the body except for your scalp. PCOS can be one reason of more hair fall.

4. Excessive weight gain

This can be another reason why you are having the problem of hair fall. If you are gaining weight within a few months, then it is for sure that you will suffer from hair loss.

5. Medications

Most of us take lots of medicines. Oral pills can be one of the reasons of hair loss in women within the age of 30-40 years. The medicines do have many side effects in the body.

While you start noticing hair loss, make sure to check the symptoms beforehand so that you can take precautions. If it going beyond control, Profile Clinic is always there to help you get away with this problem with its advanced hair transplant technique.

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