Why Consultation With Doctor Is Important Before Hair Transplantation Surgery?

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Why Consultation With Doctor Is Important Before Hair Transplantation Surgery?

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Profile Cosmetic Surgery Centre Punjab: Hair loss has become a common issue that is experienced by anyone at any age. This hair loss is frustrating as well as embarrassing state which not only hampers the physical appearance of the person but also disturbs the mental health.

Many people undergo hair transplantation, to add more hair to a thinning and balding area on their scalp. In this procedure, the surgeon removes hair from the thicker part from the head or any other body part and then transplant those removed hairs to the balding or thinning portion of the head. Recovery is fast in this method as compared to other alternatives.

Most surgeons perform this Hair transplant procedure with your existing hair, so they are not as impressive for treating people with:

  • Thick scars on scalp from injuries
  • Chemotherapy or other medications
  • Baldness and widespread thinning.

When you are interested in hair restoration surgery, one of the best ways to acquire sufficient information regarding the procedure is face to face consultation.

Doctor-patient relationship Establishment:-

A consultation is an effective option for the patient and doctor and patient to get familiar with respective levels.

From the doctor’s perspective:

During the first meeting, the doctor is going to evaluate:

  • the root cause of the hair loss
  • prior medications that the person consumed
  • treatments which they already tried
  • how this hair loss issue hampers the emotional level and more.

When the doctor is talking with the patient, the specialist is also going to study some of the characteristics of the patient like:-

  • existing hairline aspects
  • facial features
  • personality
  • what characteristics required to be emphasized and what features require less attention.

Moreover, the doctor is going to determine the following:

  • Level of baldness.
  • the number of grafts required.
  • Which Surgical technique is going to be preferred(according to the patient’s condition)
  • Availability of the donor
  • During this phase, some specialized doctors are already planning how they will going to set various hair groupings in different patterns that suit best to the individual. If you have face to face consultation then it will enhance the ability of the surgeon to speculate an effective hairline design as well as a superior treatment plan for the patient.

From a patient’s perspective:

  • It is a good time for you to learn more about the clinic, doctor, and staff.
  • You can get all the answers to the questions directly and you can clarify all your doubts personally.
  • You can get sufficient knowledge about the procedure which you are going to consider.
  • You are aware of the surgical techniques which are going to be preferred by the surgeon to perform surgery.


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