Which Are The 3 Topmost Procedures For Restoring The Hair At The Scalp?

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Which Are The 3 Topmost Procedures For Restoring The Hair At The Scalp?

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    It is none other than hair loss that is emerging as a problematic condition for millions of people. Trying home remedies will be like a hit-and-trial method. But Hair Transplant in Ludhiana emerges as a great alternative in that condition. You can take it up if your hair loss is dominated by trauma, hormonal changes, aging, and family history.

    How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost?

    A hair transplant does not cost you more. Within a budget of about 50,000 Rs. You can get your baldness covered efficiently.

    Did you know?

    The transplanted areas help you to come across good hair growth since these are reputed to remain bald-resistant throughout their lifespan. The main reason for that is the natural human hair used to grow in four to eight strands.

    Methods of Hair Transplantation

    There are three kinds of hair transplantation methods that are well known for the best results they yield.

    • FUSS -Follicular Unit Strip Surgery

    This procedure requires the extraction of the hair strips from the donor area, which is transplanted to the recipient regions after being observed in the lab for having the ideal traits and characteristics required for survival.

    The donor area is then closed with the sutures. The donor area will take some days to get properly healed.

    Best for:

    This procedure is particularly suitable for coping up with the average to the extreme kind of balding.

    • FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction

    This is one of the most advanced procedures in which the hair grafts are extracted and are transplanted to the balding area in the group of the threes and fours. This thing helps your hair to have a natural look since human hair does grow in the same manner.

    The patients who have taken up the procedure have always praised it for coming up with natural results.

    One of the predominant advantages of it is that –

    It does not involve major or deep cutting and is thus called the minimally invasive procedure. This could be the main reason that the person who underwent it, always appreciates the early recovery and scarless results.

    • Scalp Reduction

    You might not have heard of this type of hair transplant as it is rarely performed.

    What happens in the procedure?

    This procedure aims at surgically eliciting the bald area. The portion of the scalp that is having hair is stretched to the bald regions as well.

    With this procedure, it is easy for your scalp to present a full look that does not at all look artificial from any angle.

    Which surgery should you opt for?

    The choice of the surgery which you should undergo depends on your medical condition, the intensity of the baldness, and the budget which you have fixed.

    All the procedures are reliable and are well-reputed for providing the best results.

    Final Comments!

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