What are the various types of Gynecomastia and how to check which one I have?

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What are the various types of Gynecomastia and how to check which one I have?

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What Is Gynecomastia?

Ludhiana: Gynecomastia is the condition of breast tissue enlargement in men and during puberty. Men who are suffering from this condition face difficulty taking off their shirts. In such cases, they wear several layers so that their chest is hidden. Most of the time, it can even embarrass them to meet their partner.

Fortunately, this condition is treatable by undergoing gynecomastia surgery. Undergoing the procedure is going to help you improve your self-confidence and you will have your masculine figure back. Your gynecomastia type is going to tell which treatment you need. Let’s take a look at the different types of Gynecomastia:

  • Glandular Gynecomastia

This condition occurs because when the estrogen level increases in the body. The factors like food, medications, pesticide-laden, and plastic are becoming estrogen-dominant which makes the breast tissue enlarged.

The increase in estrogen is going to lead to more production of fat in the chest area and breast tissue size increases. Even diet and exercise is not going to help. This type occurs with age.

  • Fatty Gynecomastia

In some cases, excess weight gain can lead to fatty gynecomastia when fat cells are getting deposited in the breast area. This problem is embarrassing because it creates problems for men to keep control of their weight.

This type can be corrected if you do workouts that focus on the core, chest, and shoulders. Breast reduction surgery can work well if you are not able to get results because of exercise & diet.

  • The breast area contains excess skin

Weight loss is not the best option for fatty gynecomastia. If you lose a lot of weight without your chest being toned then the skin will be stretched. Plastic surgery can work well if the focus is on removing the excess skin by making an incision.

Get the chest so that you can show off

If you are tired of wearing multiple layers and even though it is warm outside or if you refuse to go topless at the beach or pool then undergoing breast reduction surgery is the best option. Undergoing this treatment is going to help you get the natural chest look. You know the way you look and if you do not look the same it can make a lot of difference. You must feel confident and comfortable in your skin. Undergoing the gynecomastia treatment will help you look your best and you get to show off your body in the summer season & even go to the gym whenever you like.



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