What are the topmost tricks which will help you cover your man boobs fast?

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What are the topmost tricks which will help you cover your man boobs fast?

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    In this blog, we will discuss the top tricks suggested by our medical expert, to cover the man boob till the time you plan to get Gynecomastia Surgery in Punjab.

    • Compress the issue
    Till the time, you do not get the surgery you should wear a compression shirt. It is the functional base layer and the first step to conceal the chest. You should talk to the medical expert to understand which one you need to wear and which will look the best on you to cover the issue.

    • Cover the issue with small patterns
    You can cover the problematic area with different patterns. But make sure that you choose the patterns carefully. Although small patterns won’t help much in the color contrast. You can choose the gray & black plaids or a small blue check for the darker blue background.

    • Opt for thicker fabrics
    Thicker should be your first preference or you can try to wear different layers so that the man boob is covered. This will be easier if you are living in a colder climate. On the other hand, if you live in a hotter climate, then it is best that you buy the woven textiles which are tiger and it will give the benefit you are looking for.

    • The right fit is essential
    You need to find the right fit and it is essential to keep in mind that baggy clothes will not cover the flaws. There is no point in wearing something too big. Additionally, you should not wear tight clothing as it will accentuate the problem. So, my friend, it is better that you choose the clothes with the right fit and do not keep on adding clothes on the rack which are of no use.

    • Keep the contrast minimal
    Make sure that you keep the contrast minimal specifically between the lower and upper half of the body. For example: if you choose a dark shirt with khaki pants then you will look wider and shorter. It is better that you go with monochromatic dressing as it will make you look elegant.

    • Be careful about white
    If you like to wear white or light color, then the chest will look bigger. So, it is better that you choose the dark or neutral color options. You can choose the color of your shirt as per the eye or hair color. Although this won’t help your chest to go unnoticed overall you will look sharp.

    • Slim down the pinstripes
    If you go with the option with suits then it will help you look slimmer and it will give you the uniform texture & color you need. This will work the best when you choose the narrow pinstripes and you will be well-presented. Make sure that you do not go with suits that have larger patterns. Glen plaids and windowpane suits look fattening.
    So, these are the tips which can prove helpful to you to cover the man boobs. For better understanding get in touch with our health experts.

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