Wondering about the forthcoming trends in hair restoration surgery?

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Wondering about the forthcoming trends in hair restoration surgery?

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Nowadays, hair fall is the common issue experienced by both genders due to many factors like genetic factors, imbalance hormones, medications used to treat other health issues. In certain cases, Hair Transplant in Punjab is considered to be an effective treatment to treat baldness.

What will be the upcoming trends in hair restoration surgery?

  • ARTAS Robotics:-

The future is going to be completely different with ARTAS Robotics treatment. This is considered to be an up-to-date and surgeon- assisted in robotic technology. Moreover, there is a customized and innovative team available with the surgeons who are going to create amazing and expected results which is far better than other available alternatives.

With ARTAS robotics technology, there is no use of dull methods and it also reduces the errors made by humans as well as it also carries better algorithms that are based on the requirements of the patient. Moreover, it also provides unobservable scarring, fast recovery, and minimal pain.

With the use of AI technology, it enables the robot to discover and identify and select the best follicles from the donor area and then shifts to the bald area without leaving a visible scar behind. This treatment is going to be the first preference in the upcoming time due to its success rate.

  • Follicular Unit Extraction becomes Follicular Unit Excision

Due to the essential changes in FUE hair transplant procedure, or due to its high success rate, it will remain to stay in the market for a long time at least for more than thirty years.

After the introduction of this surgery, FUE made important development in providing natural results to the patient with minimal side effects and short time recovery.

Changing the name of the method from extraction to excision is the best and a lucid way to explain the procedure to the patients in a clear cut way. FUE hair transplantation is considered to be a safe process because of minimal side effects, but it is a confined surgery too where surgeons make several cuts and hair follicles are removed from the donor area and then shifted to the recipient area manually.

  • Hair Cloning

Hair cloning is a new treatment in the market which is not widely used or practiced by the surgeons. The success stories of this treatment are not published yet but they are going to be published soon from the studies which are conducted in some of the hair clinics where this treatment is widely used. Under this process, surgeons take 50 hair follicles from the donor area through FUE and isolate the main cellular component which is going to bend into about 1500 cells and then it is going to inject into the recipient area of the scalp. The regenerative cell therapy is close to this hair cloning process.

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