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Treatment For Female Hair Loss in Punjab

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    No doubt, hair fall is common in men, but there are several women, who are suffering from excessive hair loss. When they start facing hair fall, they feel too low and embarrassing because hair directly contributes to their beauty. This type of hair fall is known as female pattern baldness, which can only be treated with the help of a hair transplant in Punjab. You may need to undergo a female hair transplant, which is specially designed for women to get rid of female pattern baldness.

    What is the normal hair loss in ladies?

    Well, the normal hair loss is explained as when you lose only 50 to 100 strands a day. This is common in everyone whether he is a male or female. Let’s try to understand hair growth.

    The hair growth cycle has three phases such as Anagen, catagen, and Telogen phase. And your hair will surely grow almost one centimeter every month. However, several women complaints that their hair does not grow, in fact, they lose too much hair every day. This condition is known as hair fall, which has various causes.

    Causes of hair fall in women


    This is a hormonal disorder, which does not only results in the missing period but also leads you to hair fall problem. In this problem, you experience hormone fluctuations that are responsible for excessive hair fall.


    Certain medications are also responsible for hair fall condition. You may not know that chemotherapy and cancer treatment pills lead you to several problems including hair fall. There is a certain type of medications which results in hair fall problem. These are-:

    • Antidepressants
    • Birth control pills
    • Over-taking of hormone supplements
    • blood thinners
    • arthritis treatments

    The Thyroid Gland

    This is another main reason behind hair loss in women, well, when your thyroid gland starts misbehaving. This thyroid gland problem results in several other problems include hair fall such as-:

    • You may start gaining or losing weight
    • This also results in a sensitivity to cold or heat
    • You may suffer from dry skin
    • Hair loss in women.


    Well, this is the other reason behind the hair fall problem. No doubt, this is a temporary type of hair fall, but millions of ladies are unable to get rid of the condition even with several treatment options as too. In this case, you have to undergo a surgical treatment option, that is specially designed to treat hair fall.

    Hairstyling products

    If you are using too many hair styling products, then you will surely experience excessive hair fall and thinning as well. So, you have to avoid using too many hair styling products, because these are responsible for female pattern baldness too.

    Hair loss treatment

    You have to undergo a hair transplant, which is the best hair loss treatment, that gives you the best results. You have to visit the well-known and experienced surgeon, who has a specialization in hair transplantation. And you have to avoid all those things which result in hair fall.

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