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Ten Things to Ask Before Having Plastic Surgery

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    Looking good is the foremost craving of all and sundry irrespective of one’s age or gender. Indeed, perfection is a myth, but that does not mean one should not or cannot strive to look perfect. Thanks to this growing craze, the fetish for cosmetic surgery is increasing with every passing day. However, there is no wrong in opting for this surgery as it has helped many to overcome their insecurities and it can help you as well. Not only for beautification, but plastic surgery also helps to do away with warts, scars, birthmarks, burnt marks etc. and boost energy hence enabling you to lead a better and more open life.

    However, before opting for such a massive makeover, you need to have a clear view, not only about the present but also about future, so that if any hitches occur, you remain prepared to deal with it.
    Without any doubt, plastic surgery is a magnum opus and hence calls for extra caution and clarification. Moreover, you have the right to have right knowledge to take the right decision.

    Your best confidant in this matter will be your surgeon, hence be sure you have opted for the best one who will able to satisfy all your queries thereby showing you the correct path.

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    Important Questions to Shoot

    Board Certified surgeon: You should be sure that your doctor has the certificate from the authentic organization that acknowledges him/her as a plastic surgeon and gives the permission to carry forward operation. In this way, you will assure you of efficient job with fewer chances of errors.
    Experience Matters: Know whether your surgeon is knowledgeable enough to perform such risky affairs, as surely you will not want to be someone’s experimental guinea pig. A well-read and experienced surgeon will undoubtedly be efficient to calm down his and your nerves and continue the act seamlessly.
    Operation Theatre: Ask about the place where you will undergo the surgery. This will help you to double check the genuineness of your surgeon, as the hospital operating permission is only given to certified people.
    Emergency facilities: Are you sure that the surgeon and his team will be able to provide you with all sorts of necessary medication or equipment if any emergency arises. If they work in accredited ambulatory facility, they can fight any life-threatening situation and are therefore trustworthy.
    Anesthetist amigo:Anesthesia plays an important role in any kind of cosmetic surgery. Hence be sure that your surgeon has a trusted anesthetist as a companion so that your operation can be smooth and without any hindrance. Also check if the person administering anesthesia is certified.

    Buccal Fat removal giving face a sharp look

    (2) Buccal Fat removal giving face a sharp look

    Pictorial Proofs: Ask for photographs of your surgeon’s previous cases, to understand how she/he works and whether you are comfortable with that line of work. Pictures speak volume, hence observe carefully the before and after surgery images and try to weigh the matter accordingly.
    Talk about adversities: Start a conversation and be clear about the side effects that might happen due to the surgery, so that you can realize how important the operation is for you. Compare the pros and cons and then take a decision. Remember to ask about the cost as well in order to choose properly.
    Recovery Report: Enquire about the routine you need to follow after the operation. This will help you to get back to normal life quickly and know exactly how much time will you take to recover. Ask when you will be able to feel and see the results and start doing all activities- heavy or light.
    Keep the doors open:It is good to trust your surgeon but before going for such a rigorous operation, do consider a second opinion from another certified and experienced surgeon just to know that you are on the right track. You might also come across a better option for you!
    Communicate with past patients: Before gaining first-hand knowledge, it is wise to ask for opinion from the person who has undergone the same treatment. Conversation with a past patients about their treatments experiences and aftereffects will be able to prepare yourself better way.

    Know Thyself
    Before interrogating the surgeon be certain of what you actually want. If you are sure of your requirement, it will be easier for the surgeon to provide you with the requisite treatment. The process of plastic surgery does involve many risks and there is no guarantee in these types of surgeries, however, if you know what can wait for you, you can go for it.Once you know which part you want to transform, ask your surgeon about his view and if he wants to prescribe something else.

    At present, you can come across many renowned surgical centers who are offering the benefits of various kinds of cosmetic surgery. Before settling with any one, it is wise to compare the costs and go for the one, which suits your needs. In India, the surgery options are cheaper than that of other countries. This price list includes all the costs that are estimated during an operation, and hence will help you to decide the best plastic surgery option.

    To sum up, cosmetic surgery is costly and risky. However, if you are determined enough to revamp your image and appearance and want to gift yourself a new avatar, then you should go for it. However, remember to hope for the best and prepare for the worst!

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