Reasons And Solution For Dry And Flaky Scalp That Leads To Hairfall.

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Reasons And Solution For Dry And Flaky Scalp That Leads To Hairfall.

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    Most people face dry and flaky scalps in winter. But regardless of the time, it can be irritating and extremely irritating. Apart from the constant desire to scratch, it leads to extreme hair fall. Because of hair fall, people end up for Hair Transplant in Ludhiana


    There can be as many reasons for hair fall, such as fungal infections, burning scalp, allergic reactions to hair care products, etc. Moreover, scratching the scalp every time can lead to tissue damage to the scalp. But before opting for a hair transplant, one should know Hair Transplant Cost in Punjab


    Reasons that lead to dry and flaky scalp.


    • Diet

    You may not believe it, but it is true that food items that are rich in carbohydrates can lead to increased yeast on your scalp, which turns to dandruff. 

    • Psoriasis 

    If your scalp is turning red, itchy, and flaky, this can be due to psoriasis. For this condition, it is really important to go for expert care. 

    • Seborrheic Dermatitis

    If you apply too much oil or your scalp too much oil, that can lead to Seborrheic Dermatitis. Dandruff can not be shed due to excess oil on the scalp. In this condition, excess dandruff shows up on the hairline. 

    • Hair Products and Styling it 

    Styling your hair with hair products and heating tools can lead to severe dandruff as well as hair fall. Some gels, creams, or balms can make your scalp flaky and itchy. Some other hair care products can cause a contact dermatitis rash, irritation, or rashes. For example, in hair dye, there is an ingredient called paraphenylenediamine, which makes scalp allergies very common.


    How to manage an itchy and dry scalp? 

    Here are a few methods to deal with dry and itchy scalp without medications or expert care.

    • Scalp massage

    It is one of the most promising and accessible methods to treat fly and dry scalps. You can use any oil for this. Use your fingertips with hot oil to massage your scalp gently. It raises the circulation of blood in the scalp and brings out natural oils. This way, hair gets more nutrients.

    • Stay hydrated

    Dehydration leads to dry skin and face and affects the scalp. So it is really crucial to drink more and more water. One should drink six to eight glasses of water every day to stay hydrated. 

    • Change your shampoo and other products.

    Using a shampoo that dries your scalp and causes dandruff can not be your ideal shampoo. Washing your hair frequently or washing it with lukewarm water can harm your scalp. In addition, you should avoid using heated tools, which, too, can damage your hair.

    • Changes in your diet

    Proper intake of vitamins through your diet is really important. Your hair needs vitamins to grow and stay healthy. You can incorporate Zinc, Vitamin A, and Omega-3 fatty acid in your diet to avoid any issues. To get more details about the diet plan you can contact the best dietitian in ludhiana.

    • Mixing coconut oil with tee tree oil

    Applying coconut hair oil to your scalp can do wonders with your hair. But if you mix tee tree oil with coconut oil, it will nourish your hair, blood circulation to the scalp will increase, and make your hair smooth. 

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