How Plastic Surgery Could Lead To Enhanced Self-Esteem?

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How Plastic Surgery Could Lead To Enhanced Self-Esteem?

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    No matter how much anyone denies, but since time immemorial there always had been a set standard of beauty and in respect with that, people are termed as beautiful or not. Even in paintings or literature, you might have come across the stereotyped idea of beauty, which is hard to shake off even in this 21st century. Rather it has become easier in this age to reach that epitome of beauty by using scientific methods. Expert surgeons perform these clinically proven ways to carry forward their job.

    Today not only celebrities but also common people are opting for plastic surgeries to bring out the best in them. The growing number of clinics and surgeons throughout the world further prove this fact. India is also not behind in this field; rather people consider it as a good option to undergo surgery, due to superior services at comparably cheaper cost for treatment. So, if you are skeptic about this entire affair, then it is high time to realize that this is not all evil or all fake; instead, the intentions behind this surgery are good.

    Who can opt?

    As said, intention matters, so not all and every person can undergo such operation just because they want to or have the economic strength to do so. This operation can happen on any part of the body of the following candidates:

    • Anyone who wishes to fix a particular condition that has been bothering him/her can opt for this.
    • People who have problems with excessive accumulation of fat that can’t be addressed with exercise and diet.
    • Anyone wishing to enhance his or her appearance can also opt for this treatment.

    But before being certain, one need to get hold of a good surgeon with whom the patient can discuss all her/his anxieties. Getting genuine answers about whether or not they should go for such makeovers is important.

    What research says?

    According to research conducted in America, people are happily inclining towards these operations and are returning to their life with new zest which is doing them better. Three groups of people were surveyed:

    1. Who were interested and underwent the surgery
    2. who wanted to but stepped back
    3. who never had the urge

    After questioning all these three types of people, the researchers found that plastic surgery not only improved physical beauty but also their mental condition. Though the people went under knife to mend a particular place yet the effect was visible throughout the body and also reflected on the state of mind.

    • It boosted the confidence
    • Heightened self-esteem
    • Bettered the mood
    • Made the person content

    Although not everyone expresses, yet inside, all wish to be the best version of themselves so that they can present themselves all the more confidently in front of others. But they lack that courage because, at the back of their mind, their flaws weaken them. Plastic surgery infuses a new lease of life, where people feel, they can work out these flaws and get back to life with increased enthusiasm. Here is an example of before and after nose job in the image below. Observe the transformation.

    Of the various types of surgery, breast-related procedures, liposuction, rhinoplasty get prominence and both men and women are eager to take help of this process. India’s take on plastic surgery is also noteworthy.

    Everyone will have to change accordingly with time and it isn’t always bad to give a nod to new things to understand life better. So, if you also want to incur a positive change in your life and are certain about the transformation in your body, then say yes to this surgery and be happy!

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