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Laser hair removal – A Permanent Hair Removal option

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    Laser hair removal is one of the alternatives for waxing, shaving, and tweezing. You should consider this option if you are tired of going to the parlor every month. With the advancement in technology, you are able to solve this problem. In different parts of the world, people are getting laser hair removal treatment.

    How The Treatment Is Performed?

    In laser hair removal the hair follicles are destroyed with the help of laser light. The treatment was available for use in 1996. For best results, you should not do waxing or pluck your hairs for at least six weeks before getting the treatment. Because in the laser hair removal it will target your hair roots which will be temporarily removed by waxing. In the treatment mostly unwanted hairs removed. One should keep in mind that the treatment will be effective on growing hairs. The whole process will take 4 to 6 treatments and rest also depends on the area to be treated.  It will cover around 80% of the hairs.

    There are many clinics around the world which provide the best services and the cost is also affordable.

    Laser hair removal will not remove the hairs permanently. The hair growth will reduce over a period of time. After the treatment for the first few hours, you may notice redness and swelling. The doctors will also suggest you to cover your scalp properly. For at least six weeks you should avoid direct contact with the sunlight. So, its best to apply sunscreen when you go out.

    Where Laser Hair Removal Can Be Performed?

    With laser hair removal almost every kind of unwanted hair can be treated. Some of the areas are chin, upper lip, ear, neck, cheeks, sidelocks, and upper torso.

    Is The Treatment Painful?

    You may feel pain in the starting of the treatment. You can compare the pain like you are being snapped by a rubber band. It also depends on the area which is being treated and how much you can tolerate.

    Side Effects After The Treatment

    Some of the patients may face some issues after getting the treatment such as redness and irritation in the affected area. In some case, you will notice the color of the skin is changing, eye infection, and crusting in the affected area.

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