Is Hair Loss Medication The Right Choice For Hair Restoration?

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Is Hair Loss Medication The Right Choice For Hair Restoration?

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    Almost at the age of 35, nearly two-thirds of the male population suffers from some hair loss issue that is visible. And after the age of 50, the percentage jumps to almost 85%. And let me tell you, men are not the only ones who suffer from severe hair loss issues. Women make up half the population suffering from excessive hair thinning or hair loss.

    It is not a wonder that many people try to find an alternative solution that would work efficiently for them in the long term without any side effects.

    Hair Transplant For The Win

    One such solution is Hair Transplant in Ludhiana! It is quite popular and famous among people looking for a long-term solution.

    But there are so many other options available in the market to make all the money out of your pocket with no optimum results.

    In fact, the Hair Transplant Cost in Punjab is somewhat reasonable compared to other solutions that do not even provide a better outcome.

    Thanks to the advancement in this medical field, people are much more accepting of hair transplant treatment. This gives them long-term results with the desired outcome.

    Let us learn about some of the other treatment options for hair loss.

    Non-Surgical Treatment For Hair Loss

    Let us make it clear for the newcomers. If you suffer from substantial hair loss, then the change in shampoos, leave-in products, and other supplements will not make much difference. They are management plans, not treatment plans. So once you start bald in certain areas, it is normal for the hair follicles to stop producing new hair entirely.

    But do not worry; there are specific medical products and medications that might help you get the desired results that you are seeking. If you use them in the starting phase of your hair loss, then it has a high chance of reversing mild hair loss. It focuses on improving hair growth and volume to maintain a better look.

    Some Hair Loss Medications

    There are two types of medications that the authority approves of to treat the pattern baldness in men.

    1. Androgen-dependent: it is a hair loss medication that prevents the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. It is a hormone that believes in contributing to male pattern baldness on the scalp. If you take androgen-dependent medicines at the early stages of the hair loss problem, then it might help you increase hair growth efficiently.
    2. Androgen-independent: it is a hair loss medication that works by dilating the small blood vessels in the body. The experts still have not been able to find the exact reasons behind its power to stimulate hair growth. Still, people have seen the immense advantage of using this in order to provide proper hair growth in around 40 % of males with hair loss issues. On top of that, unlike androgen-dependent, women can also intake androgen-independent medicines.

    Can Supplements Treat Hair Loss?

    There are no clinical studies that might back the study of supplements helping in hair loss issues. But it is beneficial for mild hair thinning.

    Final Comments

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