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Is Hair Color Another Reason For My Hair Loss?

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People have been using hair dye for many years. But, now with changing times, stylists are using hair color instead of hair dyes. They are using techniques like highlights in coloring. Though it is getting popular many people to stay away from coloring their hair, in the fear that coloring will make their hair fall. If an expert and a professional stylist does coloring, then there is no fear of hair falling and the coloring technique will be done very safely. In case of any damage is done also, it can be corrected by regularly giving the hair trims. It is essential to look after hair after coloring them. Many people do not take care of their hair, hence face difficulties. The aftercare is essential to keep the shine and health of the hair intact of hair.  Permanent hair color is often regarded as a serious job to be done and not taking good care results in hair breakage and other problems of hair.

What Goes Into Dying Of Hair?

Hair dye works by going through the hair shell. It first enters the layer of hair and then reacts with the brown skin pigment in the fibers. Most of the dyes or colors contain chemicals to quickly promote the process, like ammonia or peroxide, depending on the chosen shade of color. This causes the color to work on the hair shaft.Some people have hair loss after the coloring process due to physical stress.  During a Hair coloring appointment, many stages are used for giving the final color. Including hair dying, rinsing, conditioning and again rinsing. A normal person is able to shed about 200 hairs every day, and getting a treatment like hair coloring will lead to more hair shedding. So, it doesn’t matter if you get your hair colored or not. Hair follicles which fail to reproduce replacement hair shafts are connected with some other hair loss condition, like male pattern baldness or female pattern hair loss. Laser therapy treatments work in such conditions, which make the hair strong and healthy and also giving hair proper nutrients.

Is Any Damage Caused Or Not By Using Hair Dyes And Colors?

Hair shafts get weak after the coloring process takes place. Many times when hydrogen peroxide is used for creating a light shade. When hair is lightened with hydrogen peroxide, the strands become like a sponge (very soft) and get prone to protein loss. The breaking up of proteins or keratin is what causes the hair to break. But, when a little amount of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia is used then it does not damage to strands and no breakage of hair is there.

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