How many hair grafts are required for an FUE hair transplant?

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How many hair grafts are required for an FUE hair transplant?

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    Hair transplant treatment

    The choice of hair transplant makes it effective in the case of individuals who are dealing with severe hair loss. Undoubtedly, it’s not easy to deal with baldness, especially when you are young and losing hair suddenly. And that’s why you should choose the choice of Hair Transplant in Ludhiana to have natural-looking and permanent hair growth. The most advanced approach is the FUE method which gives the desired results. But to determine the total hair graft requirement to cover the bald spots and seek the necessary results.

    The total requirement of hair grafts for FUE hair transplant

    To answer this question, there are a number of things that need to be kept in mind. Most importantly, the total graft requirement is different for every individual, which makes the hair transplant surgery go as precise and effective as possible. Additionally, the absolute graft requirement will make the overall Hair Transplant Cost in Punjab vary for every individual. Like in the case of the hairline, the minimum graft requirement is between 500 to 1800 hair grafts, and to make the crown area cover effectively, there’s a need for around 1000 to 2500 hair grafts.

    Hair loss pattern makes the graft requirement different

    There’s the use of the Norwood Scale to determine the total graft requirement. And that’s mentioned given below:

    Norwood Scale Operation Needed? Location Number Of Grafts
    1 No N/A 0
    2 Yes Temples 500 – 800
    2a Yes Centre 500 – 800
    3 Yes Front and temples 1000 – 1,700
    3a Yes Front and crown Front: 1000 – 1,700 Crown: 500 – 1000
    4 Yes Front and crown Front: 1,500 – 1,800 Crown: 800 – 1,100
    4a Yes Front 1,700 – 2,500
    5 Yes Front and crown Front: 1,800 – 2,200 Crown: 1000 – 1,500
    5a Yes Front and crown 2,500 – 3,200
    6+ Yes Front and crown Front: 1,800 – 2,500 Crown: 1,500 – 1,700


    Additional factors that determine the total hair grafts requirement

    • Risk of further hair loss
    • Best means to use the donor’s hair
    • Total grafts require to cover the desired density effectively for better results
    • Hair type (e.g., straight, wavy, or curly)
    • Hair texture
    • Whether you would like to have unshaven or shaven hair transplant surgery

    Get the expertise of the best hair restoration surgeon

    Make sure to seek treatment from the best hair restoration surgeon to plan everything with utmost ease. It’s all the minute details that let’s utmost precision and help to know the required graft availability for the same.

    Do you have any doubts?

    Dr. Vikas Gupta will give you detailed information about the best treatment journey to make everything go in a seamless manner and help hair loss get addressed effectively.

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