Hair transplant doctor talks about the graft quality index for FUE

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Hair transplant doctor talks about the graft quality index for FUE

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    Graft Quality Index For FUE Treatment

    While planning for hair restoration, the quality of the hair graft plays a crucial role in the treatment’s success. It’s the FUE method that makes the entire approach get handled in the right way. So, while undergoing the cosmetic surgery plan of Hair Transplant in Ludhiana, get expert supervision to handle everything and ease the process.

    So, just like you discussed the Hair Transplant Cost in Punjab to the surgeon. Make sure to talk to the doctor about the hair graft quality for the overall success of the treatment.

    Making the FUE extraction and harvesting effective

    The FUE hair grafts are extracted microscopically and then dissected from the place with an advanced approach to ease everything. The method to make the surgery much more effective and balanced is possible with the supervision offered by the hair restoration surgeon.

    When you get the supervision of an experienced and skilled hair restoration surgeon, it makes sure the grafts are taken out from the place with the right force. With that said, it ensures the graft injury is less, and there won’t be any negative impact on the overall quality. So, the process of removal and then implantation are performed with extreme precision to boost the overall treatment success rate.

    Graft quality leaves a greater effect

    Now, choosing the graft of low and higher quality makes a lot of difference in itself:

    • Choosing grafts of high quality means the placement won’t have the stress of unwanted trauma or manipulation.
    • Choosing grafts of lower quality is known to have a higher risk of damage, and the overall process won’t go as smoothly as required.

    Consulting the best hair restoration surgeon gives the utmost peace of mind and surety to have the right techniques used for the entire process. Additionally, they know the required techniques and methods that would make a lot of difference to take the overall success rate higher as needed. It’s right to say that the graft quality index is a handy measure for the success of a hair transplant that lets the overall quality level get higher. Therefore, those dealing with hair loss and baldness problems will get the necessary results that they wish for.

    Get an understanding about the graft quality index

    The graft quality index is categorized into four different categories:

    • Grade 1

    Grade 1 does not include any kind of damaged follicles. With that said, it means the transplantation is smooth and allows the process to be done comfortably. Additionally, it has non-follicular tissue that’s present below the bulb.

    • Grade 2

    Grade 2 is kind of the same as grade 1. Although, it does not contain tissue below the bulb area.

    • Grade 3

    With grade 3, the lower 3rd area of the follicles is denuded of the nearby tissues.

    • Grade 4

    With grade 4, there’s the presence of damaged follicles that have excess irregularities and unwanted properties.

    Planning to undergo a hair transplant?

    Well, now you know that the graft quality index is extremely important. To get the treatment planned with ease and comfort, you should schedule a consultation at Profile Forte and plan the treatment in the appropriate manner.

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