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Frequently Asked Questions About Otoplasty

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    What is meant by otoplasty?

    Otoplasty is surgery for ears. A plastic surgeon performs the surgery, it helps in the looks of the ears. Otoplasty minimises the size of huge ears, repair protuberant ears, along with reshaping of misshaped ears.

    What is the procedure of the surgery?

    The techniques for getting this done are very different. The difference is due to the problem in different people. Small cuts are placed at the back of the ear. The bones may be carved and ear bent facing the head. The surgeon, at many times, makes use of non-removable stitches to clasp the new shape. At many points, it can be necessary to take out a piece of bone to give a more natural looking fold.

    Who can get it done?

    Healthy individuals who wish to refine the appearance of their large, prominent or twisted ears can get it done. Besides adults, even a child of 4 years old can get it done.

    What is the right age to get otoplasty done?

    Once the ears are grow fully, which is usually around 4 years of age. Getting it done as early as this helps in reducing the emotional trauma which may otherwise a child has to go through.

    Is anaesthesia used for otoplasty?

    Yes, anaesthesia and sedatives are given to comfort the patient from any pain.

    How long is the process?

    Around 2- 3 hours are spent in the operation

    At what places do doctors make incisions?

    The incisions are mostly not visible since they are done behind the ears.

    Will there be cicatrix post surgery

    Although the incisions which are made result in cicatrix, they get hidden because they are mostly placed behind the ears.

    Will it pain?

    Some kind of pulsating or aching of ears may happen for the next few days. This can be handled with the intake of medicines.

    How will the recovery be like?

    Patients after undergoing otoplasty can recover in about two weeks post surgery. Some pulsating along with aching of ears may occur which will get better with medicines. Slight swelling, numbness or redness may also occur. Bandages will be applied post-surgery, which will be replaced with a lighter, headband kind of dressing. Stitches are also taken off, after one week or if the surgeon has put absorbable sutures, then they will go away on their own.

    What will be the duration of bed rest?

    Patients can resume their work after a week or 10 days post surgery.

    What will my exercise regime be?

    Heavy work will need to be put a halt for about 2- 3 months.

    The stitches take how long to be removed?

    The stitches can be removed in about a week or 10 days post surgery. The absorbance stutures can be easily dissolved on their own.

    Is it risky to get Otoplasty done?

    Just like any other surgery, there are a few dangers which are associated with otoplasty like, a little bit of infection, scarring, but all of these go away, within a short period of time.

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