What makes facial rejuvenation a popular procedure among men?

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What makes facial rejuvenation a popular procedure among men?

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    Facial Rejuvenation: Gaining popularity among men

    Facial rejuvenation is an extremely popular method to achieve the best possible results. Most importantly, the facelifts help the person feel good about themselves and look presentable. Facelift Surgery in Punjab has gained huge importance over time. Moreover, it’s a reliable approach for even both men and women. To gain the definite and natural results of facial rejuvenation, you should look for an experienced cosmetic surgeon. One thing that’s even more important to focus on is its increasing popularity among men.

    Men are embracing the new treatment for improved cosmetic look

    There has been a stigma attached to plastic surgery for a long time. But that has started to fade with time. The desired results are achieved easily through advanced, improved, and inventive treatment options of Cosmetic Surgery in Punjab. Moreover, the approach of minimally invasive treatment is helping individuals to look for options that are not just budget-friendly but offer long-lasting results. And that’s the reason even men are moving towards the option of a facelift.

    What approach is more focused upon for male facelift?

    The men’s complaint addresses the concern of neck looseness compared to facial sagginess. And that’s why most men are more focused on neck lifts. So, it’s common for males to have a procedure focusing on the lower facelift. That way, the emphasis is put on the face and neck. That way, it’s easier to have the overall improved results and not just the neck lift. Depending on your requirements, the surgeon tells you the specific approach required for your situation.

    What is the difference between male and female facelift?

    One major thing that makes the male and female facelift different is the incisions. Cosmetic surgeons aim to place the incisions in a place where it is minimally visible. When compared to women, the hair can easily cover the scars. Whereas in the case of men, there’s the problem of extensive balding that makes the scar easily visible. There’s a possibility in such cases, the only and most appropriate choice is an isolated neck lift where limited incisions are required. So, there’s just one major concern about the incisions. Apart from that, the aim of the facelift is similar in both situations. And that’s to target the:

    • Muscle

    • Fat

    • Tissue

    • Excess skin

    In both cases, the aim is to obtain natural-looking results for both men and women.

    Are there any difficulties in male facial rejuvenation?

    Well, the overall steps are the same in men and women. There’s the possibility to have some technical difficulties like:

    • The placement of the incision is not visible completely. The surgeon places the incision in a specific place so the entire process goes smoothly.

    • Men have thicker skin and a robust blood supply. Due to this, it’s difficult to elevate the flap normally.

    Consult a board-certified cosmetic surgeon

    Are you looking to undergo a facelift procedure? Schedule initial consultation under the expertise of Dr. Vikas Gupta to get the most desirable results and make an informed decision.

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