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The Duration of Tummy Tuck Recovery

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    Every person wishes to have and flaunt a proportionate body so that they can feel confident and boost their own self-esteem. However, it is not always possible to get the desired shape even after diet and exercise and it is here, that cosmetic surgeries are proving to be magical.Therefore, if your fat belly is giving you trouble, then you can opt for either liposuction, which will correct the shape of your body by sucking the excess fat out. Alternatively, you can go for abdominoplasty, which is an extensive operation that calls for rigorous post operation routine. Nevertheless, before taking any decision, it is better to remain aware of the entire process, recovery, and the associated risks, so that you could completely prepare yourself for the surgery .

    Tummy Tuck abdominoplasty procedure

    About the process

    As you already know, Tummy Tuck operation is carried out in steps and the recovery routine also comes in successive stages. In this operation, at first liposuction is done, then, incision is made preferably in bikini line and the extra skin is eliminated. To make it a complete success, the surgeons tone and tighten the abdominal muscles, both midline and lower and also core the bellybutton. If the patient suffers from a hernia, then the doctor also looks after it. Depending on the wish of individual patients, then they can also opt for mini tummy tuck, which reduces the lower-abdomen flab. Since the operation is strenuous, surgeons suggest taking additional care. Though recovery for each patient varies, yet the doctors specify a few ways, which will surely help the patient to fight risks of infection, hernia, residue of fluids etc. Abiding by those methods sincerely will set you free from all sorts of invasions of infections.

    Recovery Tips
    Every surgeon has their own opinion and prescription of treating their patient towards a healthy life, and you are free to pursue any. However, the following detailed steps are very easy to follow if you want to recover soon.

    The First Week:

    If you get discharged from the hospital after the operation, then in the first five days, you need to take great care of yourself.

    -Walking or any extra movement should not be appreciated during this course.

    -The patient should stay in bed in recliner position with head and knees kept high with extra pillows, so that the abdominal tissues will get more time to heal.

    -The patient will have to wear compression garment 24*7 so as to get back in shape soon.

    -A normal diet with loads of fluid should be followed.

    -No shower, only sponging without taking off the garments.

    -The patient can use the bathroom but under supervision.

    -If you feel any sort of pain, you can resort to Pain pumps and painkillers. Drains will be there to prevent unwanted accumulation of fluid.

    The Second Week:

    -The patient should still remain cautious and within the grip of the compression garment but can start with slight movements to help body get the groove.

    -You can bath with cool water.

    -Lower the power of painkiller.

    The Third Week:

    -A slight increase in activity but no strenuous job.

    -No driving.

    The Fourth Week:

    -More movement with slight stretches.

    -A hard feeling in stomach indicating presence of healing ridge.

    The Fifth week:

    -Going back to normal life with a new body.

    -Operation scars might take a year or two to become light.

    Tummy Tuck results

    To sum up, Tummy Tuck requires much post-operation attention but if the patient follows the routines diligently, they can return back to normal life after six months. Therefore, if you are certain that your body demands it, do go for it!

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