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Different Types of Gynecomastia

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First of all to those who don’t know what Gynecomastia is? It is generally referred to the male breast. While on the other hand it is also true that all the adult man can have different types of it. The teenagers are not aware of this at a very initial stage, but it is also true that the size can vary from person to person. Gynecomastia surgery in Ludhiana basically can range the various types of it and accordingly deals with the problem. The different treatment methods have been introduced now a day.

The various levels of Gynecomastia  which are discussed as follows:

  • Stage 1 i.e. Very Mild
  • Stage 2 i.e. Mild to High
  • Stage 3 i.e. High and Visible
  • Stage 4 i.e. Severe and Feminized

The various levels of Gynecomastia which are discussed as in In grades:

  • In grade 1, if we talk about, it is very mild. Basically in other words we can say that puffy nipples falls in the category of it. In this the skin quality generally is very nice.
  • In grade 2, to be considered, it is mild to high. We can elaborate it as medium sized breast and the skin redundancy is also present. It may include the fatty tissues.
  • In grade 3, mainly is high and visible. It can be the same as moderate breast enlargement but in this skin becomes very critical. In this also there is a possibility that it might contain some of the fatty tissues, glandular tissues or might be the both of them.
  • In grade 4, the last grade is severe and feminized. In this the breasts start looking like a feminine and with enlarged and skin roughness. There are sometimes chances that it may also look like maternal also. Not in all men, but in some it can be observed now a day that due to extra hard work out it can be the another reason for their breast to look that big in size.

Apart from this, it can be concluded that it looks worse and skin becomes harsh and bad to look. It can be classified based on symmetry and bilateral or unilateral. True Gynecomastia and Pseudo gynecomastia will determine in details the type of treatment required.

Men especially those who has a lot of weight can be generally seen falling in this type of category just because of their weight.   An enhanced study on surgery regarding the necessary details of the treatment have been included in the medical field now for the better understanding and knowledge of the people.

The prescription given by the doctors play a significant role at the same time and along with that highly qualified surgeon who has certifies knowledge of the relevancy are the best guides to know what kind of preparation to do for which kind of this issues faced.

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