Body Hair Transplant (BHT): A Boon For Hair Thinning Patient

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Body Hair Transplant (BHT): A Boon For Hair Thinning Patient

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    Most of the time, whenever you have heard about a hair transplant and its procedure, you might have envisioned a strip of hair is taken from the back of the scalp or side of the scalp. You are not wrong! In routine procedures, this is the only method that the surgeon performs the Hair Transplant in Punjab.

    But for some rare cases, the doctor does apply different or not-so-conventional methods to give you the required outcome that you desire. After all, patient satisfaction is essential, and we make sure that you can reach that height.

    Conventional Method

    It is not always possible to get healthy follicles from the back of your scalp. Sometimes the health of the hair strips is not as adequate as required, which would result in an undesirable look and outcome. Your new hair growth would be a disaster after the hair transplant surgery.

    In the past, you have left no other option other than to choose what was available or leave the dream of voluminous hair. But now, with significant advancement in the medical field, people have found new alternatives to the old problems.

    Also, not everyone can pay the Hair Transplant Cost again and again to get that hair growth.

    This is why BHT (body hair transplant) or BHHT (body hair to head transplant) is a technique that has been taking a good foundation in this field.

    What Is BHT (Body Hair Transplant)?

    When the doctor can not retrieve the hair follicles from the donor site for any reason, like the hair’s health, they could opt to take hair follicles from the patient’s body. It could include a beard, arm, legs, stomach, back, and chest. After the doctor harvests the hair from any given area, it is then transplanted to the affected site. This process is only done on the candidates who are suffering from severe hair baldness and do not have any required hair left in the back of the scalp to be chosen for retrieval.

    What Is The Procedure Of The BHT (Body Hair Transplant)?

    Just like how the surgeons use FUE ( Follicular unit extraction) to retrieve the hair from the scalp. In this procedure, too, the doctor performs the same process with only one difference: the change of the donor site.

    But it must be kept in mind that some parameters must be followed before you choose this method of hair transplant surgery. You would have to match the compatibility of the scalp hair (affected area) to the body hair( donor area).

    The donor site can be any body part of yours, including beard, arms, chest, back, legs, etc. It is essential to check its direction, curl, and thickness as it may be considerably different. Also, the hair transplanted from such donor site might not grow more than 5 cm approx in some cases, which would require you to have trimmed hair.

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