What is Bio Enhanced Hair Transplant and explain the benefits of this hair transplant?

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What is Bio Enhanced Hair Transplant and explain the benefits of this hair transplant?

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    Millions of people are struggling to have long, smooth, and strong hair, but they are unable to get that much longer due to hair fall. Hair fall is not only the problem of adults or old age people but these days children also facing this condition. No doubt, Hair loss can be treated with the help of many treatment options, but the best and most effective is a hair transplant.

    Hair Transplant in Ludhiana offers you the best results and has two types such as FUT and FUE. These both methods are safe and secure in order to get rid of hair fall condition. In addition to this, many people also go through bio enhanced hair transplant. Let’s have a look at bio enhanced hair transplant.

    What is a Bio enhanced hair transplant?

    Bio enhanced technique uses the PRP therapy, that is additionally known as Plasma Rich platelets. This is the type of injection, that is helpful to get rid of hair fall. Many people ask us, who are an ideal candidate for this therapy. Well, people who undergo FUT or FUE, are ideal patients for this Bio enhanced hair transplant. This is specially designed to improve the results and recovery process of a hair transplant procedure.

    Benefits of Bio enhanced hair transplant surgery

    Increase number of follicles

    With the help of PRP therapy bio enhanced hair transplant is valuable to improve a number of follicles to transplant at the affected area. This means PRP injections are valuable to improve the growth of hair follicles in the donor area so that you can get the full hair growth or length as well.

    Gives you more natural looking hair growth

    Bio enhanced hair transplant procedure works with the help of PRP therapy that is well-known for more natural looking hair growth along with a permanent solution. You do not need any other types of hair loss treatment after getting this bio enhanced hair transplant procedure.

    Short recovery period and improved healing

    Along with PRP or bio enhanced hair transplant procedure, people do not need to wait for a long time. It has a short recovery period and healing process, you only need to follow all the post-operative instructions of your surgeon.

    No side effect or complication

    There is no risk of side effects or complications during or after the procedure. You can simply get back to your normal routine within a few days. So, you do not take tension about anything, because this is a completely safe and secure procedure.

    If you are suffering from hair fall, then must go with bio-enhanced hair transplant along with hair transplantation procedures as well.

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