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Are You Aware Enough About Vitiligo? Get Detailed Info Right Here

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    People affected with white pigmentation suffer from low self esteem and in some cases feel ostracized from others. Although many reasons cause such problem, Vitiligo is the primary issues among majority of patients because melanin is not formed in sufficient amount in the body.

    What are the reasons?

    People suffering from immune related disorder are prone to the disease. In such cases, white blood cells attack the melanocytes credited with producing melanin. According to some experts, the special skin cells die on their own while others think that it is the job of defense mechanism of the body. In few cases, sun burn may also trigger the occurrence of Vitiligo.


    Risk category

    Generally young people are prone to the disease, but it could affects individuals from all races and ethnicities. The white patches are noticeable in the people with an extra shade of dull skin. Thyroid patients also develop the problem over a period of time. Disease starts with the appearance of white patches not only on the hands and arms but also face, feet and the lips. If left untreated, they affect groin and armpit areas.

    Scope of infection

    The infection spreads very slowly in the individual but in some people the speed is quite fast. It is impossible to determine whether the number of white patches increases or decreases in the body. In certain instances, whiteness grows when the users are affected with emotional and physical anxieties.

    Vitiligo absence

    Diagnosis of Vitiligo

    In order to diagnose the problem, it is important to visit the experience and skilled dermatologist. Specialist will take into account the family and past medical history of the patients. According to some experts, the disease may spread through genes, therefore it is important to know the occurrence of disease in family ancestors. Auto immune issues and sun burns are other issues that can be responsible for the appearance of the white patches in the body. People who are sensitive to sun or suffering from stress may get affected with the problem. To conduct effective diagnosis, the surgeon will analyze the biopsy report of the skin cell and examine the blood test from close quarters. Eye examination is also essential to confirm the presence of the disease.

    How to manage Vitiligo patients?

    • The surgeon should not only prescribe medication but also provide emotional support to the patient.
    • Making decisions about treatment is essential because it can have a long term impact on the lifestyle.
    • Join a support group of people suffering from vitiligo as they share their experience. It is a wonderful step to cope with the disease easily and effectively.
    • Several brands of cosmetic substances are used to hide the white patches to improve the confidence of the person. Family and friends can also play an important role in supporting patients through the trying times.

    How to treat Vitiligo?

    • Treatment not only depends on the number but also on the extent of the white patches. Apart from the intensity of infection, the surgeon may also take into account the individual preference of the person pertaining to treatment.
    • Medical, surgical and other options are available to the users however the alternative with least side effects is used to accomplish the task.


    Topical medications are applied on the skin while you can take oral tablets according to the specification of the surgeon. Medicines and ultraviolet combination is used to deliver sterling results to the users. Some surgeons prefer to remove the colors from other areas to remove the skin difference.


    Some surgeons use skin grafting to treat small patches of vitiligo. In few cases you can tattoo the affected part with accurate precision.

    To sum up, gone are the days when people were embarrassed due to vitiligo. In present scenario patients should not lose hope because there are numerous treatment options for the users. Amid the many clinics that treat this skin condition, Profile Cosmetic Surgery is the best ones.

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