Which Anaesthesia Would Be The Best For Hair Transplant Surgery?

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Which Anaesthesia Would Be The Best For Hair Transplant Surgery?

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    Hair transplant surgery is an extensive surgery wherein the procedure would take sessions to achieve the required goal ultimately; it is not an easy surgery that would be done within some minutes. If the doctor wants to achieve the patient expectation, it is mandatory for them to give their 100 % at all times.

    This is what we aim at. The quality of the technique and the surgeon’s skill to perform a Hair Transplant in Punjab is never compromised. Aspiring to serve the best is what we move ahead with.

    But people are wary about whether or not it would be too painful to handle the surgery and the procedure. Let me clarify one thing at our clinic; we make sure to prepare the patient before the surgery has begun. This step ensures that the result would be exceptional and the patient would achieve maximum satisfaction out of the process. Basically, each penny would be worth the wait.

    Is Hair Transplant A Painful Experience?

    Experiencing painful hair transplants is the take of the past; with new advancements in technology and outstanding achievements in the medical field, it is easier to achieve a good treatment without worrying about such frivolous things. Nowadays, to minimize the pain, the doctor prescribes some anaesthesia to the patient before the hair transplant surgery.

    Basically, you would be paying the Hair Transplant Cost and getting a very satisfactory outcome without dealing with any kind of agony.

    Why Do We Need Anaesthesia?

    The hair transplant procedure requires the surgeon to extract hair follicles from the donor site to the affected area, and this could cause pain.

    Options Available For Anesthesia

    The doctor can not use local anaesthesia without administering or monitoring them beforehand. In fact, general anaesthesia is not an option available for the patient in such a scenario. If the doctor thinks that the surgery could be done without anaesthesia, it is best to recommend not using one. However, if the case of transplanting the hair is extreme and would cause a lot of torment, the doctor would find it necessary to inject the anaesthesia.

    Rather than using general anaesthesia, it is highly suggested to use other options available as it might trigger some risk factor that would not be as visible in other anaesthesia shots.

    This is why doctors at our clinic most definitely prefer local anaesthesia to the general one. This local shot helps the patient to relax and not feel any kind of hurt during the procedure but also be alert at the same time.

    When I say alert, I mean they would be able to question all the questions and respond to any query or prompt during the surgery while feeling numbness in the particular area where the anaesthesia is injected. In fact, nowadays, while the hair restoration teams perform the action, the patient enjoys their time watching some television or involved in some conversation.

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