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5 Professional hair care tips for maintaining healthy hair locks

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    Tips for hair care to make it strong and healthy

    Heat Wave is on the rise in India!

    The excruciating sunlight not just takes on personal well-being but even on hair and skin. Weather changes often mark the presence of everything new and exciting. But, the downside is extreme heat, wind, dirt, debris, & saltwater that can lead to hair loss. If your job is to stay all the time outdoors, you need some extra precautionary measures as a hair care regimen.

    Even if you have undergone a hair transplant in Punjab, following after-care measures is essential, so you should never neglect and take a backseat when it comes to hair health. The guide will mention a few critical hair care tips to ensure your hair remains strong and shiny even with time. 

    Tips to boost hair strength and health

    As a hair loss treatment, when you get hair transplant in Ludhiana, make sure to promote hair wellness by all possible means. Here are some of the essential measures you should take to keep your manes as strong and healthy as they can be. 

    Tip 1: Make your hair wet before swimming

    First of all, you should ultimately make your hair wet with clean and fresh water. Then apply a leave-in conditioner on your hair before taking a dip into the pool. As we all know, pool water contains chlorine that can easily damage hair locks. Therefore, you need some extra helping hands.

    The plastic surgeon in Punjab assists you properly with all essential and practical hair care tips. Especially after the hair transplant, taking necessary measures are crucial to boosting the treatment success rate. 

     Tip 2: Take benefit of cleansing conditioner

    If you are a swimmer preparing for a competition or include it as a part of the activity, then better use a cleansing conditioner. Don’t use water, and use a conditioner to do the same so that your hair won’t dry out quickly. 

    Tip 3: Get your hair trimmed from time to time

    A professional haircut is good for healthy and strong hair. Most importantly, it takes away the split or dead ends. Trimming allows hair to grow faster and is more beneficial. Additionally, getting hair cut makes it much easier to deal with humidity. And then, you can try out different summer-inspired hairstyles through Pinterest, youtube, or Instagram. 

    Tip 4: Apply the hair mask in summers

    Your hair needs extra nourishment during summers, so make a hair mask. It’s good to apply a hair mask once a week. Here’s what you can use:

    • Honey and bananas mask
    • Coconut milk and castor oil
    • Hibiscus leaves paste with olive oil & coconut milk
    • Yogurt and honey mask
    • Milk and honey mask 

    Tip 5: Give it a good cleanse to remove oil

    Hair does it greasier in warmer months. Especially if you are traveling, you should wash it on time if you cannot wash it as frequently as applying baby powder on the scalp.

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