What is Rhinoplasty? Its procedure, benefits, and risks

What is Rhinoplasty? Its procedure, benefits, and risks

What is Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a surgery to improve your nose’s ability and shape of the nose. Rhinoplasty it’s like cosmetic surgery. Surgeons performed on the nose restore the nose function and remove congenital disabilities. The lower structure is known as cartilage, and the upper structure of the nose is bone. Rhinoplasty helps to change nose bone, cartilage, and skin. If you are considering Rhinoplasty, consult an experienced Plastic Surgeon in Ludhiana.

How does it help

Rhinoplasty surgery helps to change your nose shape, size and restore your proper position. This surgery helps to restore the tissue which is defective from injury. And also improve breathing problems. It is not just cosmetic surgery. It is also a clinical treatment.

Benefits of rhinoplasty

  • This surgery helps to improve your breathing problem.
  • Remove defected tissue 
  • Give the right shape and size
  • Change your facial structure 
  • You look attractive and confident

Risk of rhinoplasty surgery

There are some risks after surgery you can suffer. If you want to reconstruct your nose, you know about the risk. If you have any queries, you can ask your surgeon before surgery 

  • Bleeding 
  • Bad reaction to anesthesia
  • Infection 
  • Breathing problem 
  • Numbness around the nose area 
  • Pain
  • Discoloration and swelling 
  • Smell sense change 
  • Additional surgery

How it is done

Before surgery, you talk to your doctor about surgery. It gives a positive result after surgery. There is preparation before surgery, such as

Past medical records

Before surgery, your healthcare doctor checks your past health record. And you are also questioning about nose problems. Doctor questions you take before surgery include nasal blockages, surgeries, and medication

Physical exam

Your healthcare doctor does a physical examination. In which the doctor checks your facial structure, inside or outside of your nose. Physical examination helps to know your nose structure.


In which surgeons use computer software. Take different angles of nose pictures after they show a change in your nose before and after surgery. Photographs help you know what you want to change your nose and achieve a goal after surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery

Local anesthesia with sedation

Local anaesthesia with sedation injects your nose tissue.it is numbness medication. The surgeon gives medication through the intravenous line. They attach small tubes in the hand veins, neck, and chest. This medicine makes you numb but not fully asleep.

General anesthesia

General anaesthesia during surgery helps to sleep your whole body so you do not feel any pain. You can breathe through the tube.

After procedure

After surgery, you need a lot of bed rest, such as putting your head higher than your chest. This method helps to reduce bleeding and swelling because bandages stay in for seven days after surgery.

  • Avoiding physical activity such as walking, jogging, 
  • Don’t blow by the  nose 
  • Sneeze and cough with your mouth open
  • Do not change facial expression 
  • Take a healthy diet that has proper nutrients, fibre, and minerals 
  • Brush your teeth gently 

If you want to change your nose shape and size, then rhinoplasty is one of the best surgical procedures. When undergoing rhinoplasty, having the support of the Best ENT Doctor in Ludhiana is essential. 


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