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Short Scar Face Lift

Short scar face lift procedure is specially tailored to rejuvenate the lower face and central face area. The procedure is highly sophisticated and includes very less incisions as compared to the conventional method.


Procedure Involves

The whole procedure takes place under the effect of general anaesthetic agent, thus, no need to be afraid of pain. As general anaesthesia takes place, the patience is kept in the observation room for whole night after the surgery until effect of the drug fades away.


The incision start from the top of the both ears under the hair line and goes around back of the ear towards front where earlobe ends. After the incision is made, deep skin tissues are remodelled and altered to keep the facial features natural but enhanced. The incisions are closed with stitches and the area is warped with head bandage.

Tiny drainage tubes are left inserted into the skin for removal of excess blood and fluids. These tubes are removed after a day or two.


Recovery time is 2 weeks for this procedure which is very low as compared to the traditional surgical procedure. Also patient can return to work or day to day activities within 2 weeks.

On the second day after procedure the patients are allowed to leave for home but someone must be there to pick up because driving is not advised at-least few days after the surgery.

Swelling and bruising can be managed with prescribed medications but if in any case of infection appears please inform us immediately.